Haze Piece: How To Get Dark Blade V2 Complete Guide

The strongest sword just got stronger!

Haze Piece provides players with a variety of weapons that they can obtain. You can go through a unique obtainment process for each of these weapons, that will often have you grinding or going across the map.

Now, you can actually get the Dark Blade V2, an even stronger version of the Dark Blade that is beloved by many players!

However, obtaining the Dark Blade V2 will require you to go through a series of steps that you need to fulfill before you will be granted.

Additionally, the process is not immediately obvious. So, you will need to go through a bit of grinding, which will be more than worth it. Let’s dive in and see how you can get the Dark Blade V2!

How To Get Dark Blade V2 Complete Guide

Before you proceed, you will first need to get the normal Dark Blade. Unfortunately, the only way to get the Dark Blade is by purchasing it for 1199 Robux from the Store.

Once you have it, you can proceed with the rest of the guide.

Starting off, you will need to go to the Foggy Castle Island. You can easily get here by fast traveling there via your Map.

Foggy Castle on map in Haze Piece.

When you reach the Foggy Castle, you will need to locate a particular NPC in a secret location. However, you will likely find it difficult to navigate here since the island is so dark.

We suggest going to the spot shown below, as it can be found near the spawn point.

Once you are here, jump towards the indicated area, which is the dark cliff opposite from where you’re standing.

Jumping towards cliff in Haze Piece.

As you drop below, dash towards the cliff about halfway down. Doing so should reveal a secret hidden cave.

If you’re having trouble finding it, consider dashing towards different areas on the cliff until you find it.

Once you locate it, enter inside the cave.

Hidden Secret Cave on Foggy Island in Haze Piece.

Here, you should be able to see the Dark Blade Upgrader, or Nikk0Lapz NPC. Talk to him and he will tell you that you need to give him a Mythical or Legendary Fruit.

You can give him any of these Fruits that you think you do not need. Doing so will start the quest for the Dark Blade V2.

Dark Blade Upgrader NPC in Haze Piece.

After that, the Dark Blade Upgrader will tell you that you need to fight the Strongest Swordsman. So, here, you have a choice to fight either the Enma Boss or 3SS Boss.

You need to defeat either of them once and return to him.

Fighting Enma Boss in Haze Piece.

When you return to him, you can spawn the next Boss you will need to fight. This is the Mihawk Boss, and you can spawn him once every 2 hours.

At times, you may even get a message that he has already spawned, giving you a countdown that you will need to wait for before approaching him again.

However, eventually, you should be able to get the Boss to appear. You will get a notification that the Dark Blade Swordsman has appeared in the Foggy Castle.

Dark Blade Swordsman Boss notification in Haze Piece.

After that, you will need to go to the Foggy Castle. You can easily see it towering above the island from the Spawn point. Make your way towards it and enter inside.

Entering Foggy Castle in Haze Piece.

Once you’re inside, make your way towards the end of the hallway. Sitting on the throne will be the Dark Blade Swordsman.

He will not do anything until you engage him first, so be prepared before you do so. He is a very high-level Boss, and you will likely need 2-3 teammates to be able to defeat him.

If you do plan on engaging him alone, be sure to have one of the stronger Fruits, like Leopard or Gear Five. Keep in mind that you also can’t Stun him, which just makes him even more difficult to defeat.

Facing Mihawk Boss in Haze Piece.

Once you’ve defeated him, you’ll receive a whole assortment of rewards, including the Dark Blade V2. Here is the full rundown of the guaranteed drops:

  • 25 Gems
  • 25K Beli
  • 1 Level Up
  • Dark Blade V2
  • Strong Swordsman Title.

There you go, you finally have the Dark Blade V2 and can admire it in all its glory. Make sure you activate Haki if you want to see the glowing green effects on it when equipped.

Mihawk Boss defeated with rewards in Haze Piece.

Additionally, you can get other Drops that have a chance to drop after you defeat the Mihawk Boss.

The first one is the Night Necklace which provides you with +15% Sword Damage and +6000 Health. It only has a 0.01% chance to drop.

Night Necklace in Haze Piece.

The second item that you can get is the Night Hat, which also provides a boost to your Sword Damage and Health, with +12.5% and +5000 respectively.

You may find the boosts more inferior, but it does have a higher chance to drop with 10%.

You can also equip both of these items at the same time, allowing you to get a cumulative boost that will truly make you the Strongest Swordsman!

However, you will need to grind quite a bit for it, so keep that in mind.

Night Hat in Haze Piece.

That’s everything you need to know about getting the Dark Blade V2 in Haze Piece. You will certainly need to grind for this weapon, but the effort will be more than worth it, considering you are getting such a strong weapon.

Additionally, you can also get some other great rewards from the Mihawk Boss. If you do have trouble defeating him, consider playing with some friends!

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