Heaven Stand: All Rework & Revamp Guide (December 2023)

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Heaven Stand’s new update in December 2023 actually reworked the entire game and tested how well it performed. The new updates come with new reworked specs that make the game more interesting and exciting.

In this guide, we are going to talk more about the new reworks and revamps that the new update came with based on the stress test. So, with that, let’s get started.

All Rework & Revamp Guide (December 2023)

Reworked Moves


  • Mouse Clicks – Smaller punches with weaker damage.
  • Machine Gun Blows – Fast-releasing punches that deal damage to only one target.
  • Jet Dive – Character jumps in the air and dives using an AoE attack.
  • Speed Blitz Dropkick – Powerful kick that hits one target quickly.
  • Flamewave Cannon – Unleashes a powerful burst of flaming energy.
  • Blitz Shot – Quick shot that blitzes target.
  • Gatling – Gatling gun attack that hits target in multiple succession.
  • IncinerateFull meter and low health are needed to incinerate the entire battlefield, taking out multiple targets at a time.
Heaven Stand Genos Spec


  • Mouse clicks – Simple attacks that do smaller damage.
  • Charge – Charges up your character for an attack.
  • Sunlight yellow overdrive – Attacks your target with multiple blitzing punches.
  • Scarlet overdrive – Attacks with a powerful punch with scarlet energy.
  • Zoom punch – Similar to scarlet overdrive but punches using yellow energy.
  • Sendo overdrive – Unleashes powerful wave of energy around the character to deliver damage to surrounding enemies.
  • Overdrive zap – Grabs the target and then unleashes energy to push them back with powerful attacks.
Heaven Stand Hamon Spec


  • Mouse clicks – Simple attacks that releases blood-red aura.
  • Barrage – Barrage of attacks that releases blood-red aura and deals damage in quick succession.
  • Piercing glare – Stuns the target to leave them open to attacks.
  • Space ripper stingy eyes – Unleashes eye laser toward the target.
  • Blood suck – Sucks blood out of the enemy.
  • Flash freeze – Unleashes a powerful frost-based attack that freezes enemy.
  • Counter freeze – A counterattack that freezes enemy after countering the enemies incoming attack.
Heaven Stand Vampire Spec

Shadow the World (Stand off)

  • Mouse clicks – Simple attacks that have 20 fps animation.
  • Slam – Slams a powerful attack toward the enemy.
  • Roundhouse kick – Simple roundhouse kick that does big damage.
  • Lazer eye – Unleashes a powerful eye laser attack similar to the Vampire’s Space ripper stingy eyes.
  • Charisma – Knocks your opponent down.
  • Knockdown – Knocks your opponent down with an attack.
Heaven Stand Shadow the World Stand off

Shadow the World (Stand on)

  • XXI Combo – Stand deals combo damage to target.
  • Uppercut – Simple uppercut attack.
  • Heavy punch – Stand charges with a heavy punch that deals heavy damage.
  • Bloodsuck – Sucks target’s HP to heal your own HP.
  • Shadowstep – Steps through your target to deal damage using a cool animation.
  • Time stop – Uses DIO’s animation to literally stops time to unleash free attacks on your enemy.
  • Knife throw – Simple knife throw attack that deals ranged damage.
  • Punishment counter – A counterattack move.
Heaven Stand Shadow the World Stand on

Mochi Mochi (Katakuri)

  • Mouse clicks – Stabs target using trident/spear.
  • Mochi gatling – Rises up in the air to release powerful gatling attacks.
  • Mochi fist – A powerful punch that knocks enemy away.
  • Burning mochi – A range attack that unleashes a burning strike on your target.
  • Ken reversal – A counterattack move.
  • Mochi barrage – Unleashes a barrage of pillars toward your target.
  • Mochi buzzcutMust have full meter and low health. A wide-sweeping attack using a tail-like appendage that takes out multiple enemies and destroys the battlefield.
Heaven Stand Mochi Mochi Spec

Domain Reworks


  • Malevolent Shrine – Unleashes a barrage of attacks covering the entire map to deal ridiculous damage for a very long time.
Heaven Stand Itadori Malovolent Shrine


  • Infinite Void 0.2 – Covers the map with a transparent domain that damages opponents.
  • Infinite Void – Changes the entire map into a white domain that stops all of your opponent and allows you to attack them while they are stunned. They also take damage at the end of the domain.
Heaven Stand Gojo Infinite Void

Map Revamp

The map was also revamped slightly but it doesn’t really have any effect on the overall aspect of the game except for its aesthetics.

Heaven Stand Map Revamp

Do you want to read more about Heaven Stand? Make sure to check out our Ultimate Heaven Stand Wiki for everything you’ll need! It’s filled with information like NPCs, Locations, how to get the Stands and more!

That’s it for all of the reworks and revamps that were shown in the stress test in the new update of Heaven Stand. Hope you like the new reworks introduced in the characters!

There are leaks for more incoming updates this December 2023, make sure to check them out as well!

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