Heaven Stand: Gojo & Sukuna Rework Guide (January 2024)

One flashy move after another!

Sukuna Rework 2024 in Heaven Stand

Games nowadays are always changing with patches and updates that either add or change existing stuff in the game. The latter can be great especially if the game is lacking in some areas and needs a rework.

In Heaven Stand, the developers have recently reworked Gojo and Sukuna in the game with new animations and moves. All of them are flashy, well-animated, and can even be a bit OP!

Now, in this guide, we’ll show you what the new rework has done with Gojo and Sukuna. Let’s see what they’ve cooked up for the playerbase!

Gojo & Sukuna Rework Guide (January 2024)

The new rework for both Gojo and Sukuna is filled with a lot of flashy moves. Some of these moves can even be a bit overpowered and I won’t be surprised if they nerf it a bit in the future. There’s some serious talent from the animators of these moves, so let’s go through all of them.

SIDE NOTE: That’s not the only addition from the newest update, since there’s even the Cerberus Spec added into the game. Speaking of, here’s a detailed guide on the Cerberus Spec!


We’ll go through Sukuna’s move set first because it’s the set with the fewest moves out of the two. Most of them are hard-hitting though and not to mention, well-animated!

Reverse Curse Technique

When you activate this ability, you’ll heal yourself while draining your meter. The healing is very fast, so it’s great to fill up your meter first before doing this.

Heaven Stand Reverse Curse Technique

Cleave Barrage

A very quick attack that deals quick damage to the enemy with multiple strikes. The damage of each strike is slow but there’s a lot of them in a short period.

Heaven Stand Cleave Barrage

Cleave Grab

You grab the enemy and do a series of attacks just like the barrage but with fewer hits and bigger damage.

Heaven Stand Cleave Grab

Face Slice

With this move, you grab your enemy and drag him through the ground before throwing him up and slamming them down to the ground. It even leaves marks on the floor adding to the amazing animation.

Heaven Stand Face Slice

Berserk Beatdown

The next move is another flashy one where you lunge into an enemy damaging them. You then jump up with the target and hold him in the air for a while before slamming them to the ground.

Heaven Stand Berserk Beatdown


This one is a quick move where you do an attack at a target in range dealing some good damage. This move has a finisher and if you defeat an enemy with it, you’ll cut their head off!

Heaven Stand Cleave


This is the basic mobility move and it’s more of a teleport to the target. Great to start combos and catch the enemy off-guard. It deals a little bit of damage to the target as well.

Heaven Stand Rush

Flame Arrow

This attack has a long wind-up but if you manage to get it out and shoot a target with it then it’s worth it. The target will be engulfed in a fiery explosion that damages other enemies in a large area.

Flame Arrow

Malevolent Shrine

When you change to your domain, you can use this ability that has its own cinematic. When the attack starts, everyone in a large area will get continuously damaged while you regain your meter. One of the flashiest moves out there!

Heaven Stand Malevolent Shrine


Now, we’re going through Gojo’s move sets and he has a total of three! You can switch through his 3 modes using the Q button and each one of them has its moves.

These are just the basics of these moves, so here’s a more detailed guide on Gojo’s moves after the rework!

Ferocity Barrage

The first move is where your character punches an enemy sideways and pulls them back in to continue the combo. When you pull the enemy back, you attack them with a flurry of blows!

Heaven Stand Gojo

Aerial Kick

With this move, you kick the target way up in the air. You then follow it up with a kick down slamming the target into the ground.

Heaven Stand Aerial Kick

Heavy Punch

This one is a simple move as you can tell with the name. A big punch that deals massive damage and sends the target back a few feet.

When you use it as a finisher, it changes to the Black Flash attack with some great visuals.

Heaven Stand Heavy Punch

Face Slice

You punch the target a bunch of times and then drag him through the ground. You end the attack by throwing them forward.

Heaven Stand Face Slice

Hora Hora

This is a counter move and when timed right you take the enemy by the hand and rise off the ground. You then punch the target dealing some good damage and sending flying away.

Heaven Stand Hora Hora


This is a mobility move where you teleport behind the enemy after a short animation. You then punch the enemy sending them a few feet forward.

Heaven Stand Rush

Metal Beatdown

With this move, you grab the opponent and a small cutscene will play where you hit the target a bunch of times. It’ll end with a massive punch that sends the target flying forward.

Heaven Stand Metal Beatdown

Blue Slam

This is a simple and fast move where you slam the ground in a large blue explosion. Enemies caught in the area are sent flying back.

Heaven Stand Blue Slam

False Reversal Red

When you use the move, the target will be caught in your attack. You float off the ground and then send a red shockwave towards him sending flying in the opposite direction.

Heaven Stand False Reversal Red

Cursed Technique Amplification: Blue

You shoot out a blue projectile that deals some good damage to the target. It also pulls the target towards you by a bit.

Heaven Stand Crsed Technique Amplification Blue

Cursed Technique Reversal: Red

A long wind-up attack that when done successfully will create an explosion around you sending enemies flying. The range of the attack is quite big and can damage multiple targets.

Heaven Stand Cursed Technique Reversal Red

Lapse Blue Pull

You pull a target towards you and grab it; you then float up and punch him. The range of this move is quite far so you can use this to catch opponents outside of your usual range.

Heaven Stand Lapse Blue Pull

Imaginary Technique: Purple

Another move with a long windup where you shoot out a massive purple orb that deals damage to anything it touches. The orb travels far as well and it’s quite big that it can be difficult to dodge.

Heaven Stand Imaginary Technique Purple

Reverse Cursed Technique

A basic healing move that can heal you but drains your meter when you use it. The healing isn’t that bad and it’s very quick.

Heaven Stand Reverse Cursed Technique

Cursed Technique Amplification: Blue (Maximum Output)

Much like the other move but this time there’s a wind-up and the damage are stronger. It also destroys obstacles, and you can move it around with your mouse.

Heaven Stand Cursed Technique Amplification Blue Maximum Output

Cursed Technique Reversal: Red (Maximum Output)

Just like the other move but this time the explosion is much bigger, and the damage is higher as well.

Heaven Stand Cursed Technique Reversal Red Maximum Output


When you activate this ability, you become invulnerable for a set amount of time. When enemies attack you, they won’t damage you and instead, a white effect just appears on your character.

Heaven Stand Infinity

Imaginary Technique: Purple (Maximum Output)

A move that has a long attack animation. When you do finish it though, you’ll deal damage to any enemy around an area. You even send enemies up in the air the closer they are to where you activate the ability.

Heaven Stand Imaginary Technique Purple Maximum Output

Ultimate Void

This is Gojo’s ultimate move and when you catch enemies with it, they’ll be stunned for the entire duration. That means you can do all of your moves in it and try to deal as much damage as possible and with as many combos as possible.

Heaven Stand Ultimate Void

Those are all the moves for the Gojo and Sakuna Rework for Heaven Stand. Now, go out there and try them out yourself!

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