Homeworld 3: How to Scuttle (Destruct Sequence Alpha-One Achievement Guide)

You should self-destruct your ship, now!

If you scuttle one of your ships in Homeworld 3, you will get the “Destruct Sequence Alpha-One” achievement! It sounds simple, but you need to know how to navigate the menus to do it.

The “Scuttle” orders allows you to force a ship to self-destruct. It’s great to deny enemies from salvaging ships, plus it can get you an achievement the first time you do it! However, it seems to not work in the Campaign…

To help clear things up, we’ll tell exactly how to use the scuttle order and what limitations the achievement has.

Destruct Sequence Alpha-One Achievement Guide | How to Scuttle a Ship

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It’s very easy to scuttle a ship in Homeworld 3, but it has a bit of a trick to it if you’re going for the “Destruct Sequence Alpha-One” achievement.

The achievement is only obtainable in War Games and Skirmishes modes. If you’re playing the Campaign mode, you should start a War Games or Skirmish match for the achievement.

Anyway, with that said, all you really need to do is to select the ship you wish to scuttle. Keep in mind that this will destroy the ship entirely, though!

With the ship selected, hold the “Alt” key and Right Click on the ship to bring up the full context menu.

Yup, it’s “Alt” in this game instead of “Shift”. This change is sure to throw off Homeworld veterans!

Homeworld 3: How to Scuttle

Now, select “Orders” and then select “Scuttle” near the bottom of the context menu. The ship will shortly explode, destroying it completely.

The main reason to scuttle, besides the “Destruct Sequence Alpha-One” achievement, is to prevent enemies from salvaging your ship for resources.

But with all that said, you should now have absolutely no issue getting the “Destruct Sequence Alpha-One” achievement. After all, now you know how to scuttle ships anytime you want.

Just remember the achievement only works in War Modes and Skimirsh game modes, too.

If you want to know more about Homeworld 3, feel free to check out our complete beginner’s guide for Homeworld 3. It will tell you everything you need to know to get started in this sci-fi RTS game!


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