Honkai: Star Rail – Complete Xueyi Build Guide | Lightcone & Relics

May this be our next main 4-star DPS?

Honkai Star Rail: Complete Xueyi Build Guide

Xueyi, the new Honkai: Star Rail 4-star character is a surprisingly solid DPS with the right build. After she was briefly introduced during the mission with Huohuo, we’re finally getting her playable in the current version of the game in Update 1.6.

We’re going to talk about the best Lightcones, Relic sets, and then team to combo with her!

Complete Xueyi Build Guide

As a 4-star DPS, Xueyi is a Quantum-type Destruction character with solid Weakness Break hits. In fact, her character revolves around the Weakness Break mechanic and that’s what this build is about.


5-star: On the Fall of an Aeon is a 5-star Lightcone free for grab at Herta’s shop. It has solid attack bonus for Xueyi which also stacks when she inflicts Weakness Break which is easy for her.

Xueyi best lightcone
  • 4-star: Under the Blue Sky is an alternative but scales more on kills which might not work for bosses that don’t do summons.
    • A Secret Vow provides additional damage for Xueyi at low HP, great for Destruction path in Simulated Universe.
    • The Moles Welcome You is also always a good alternative for most Destruction path DPS characters.

3-star: If you’re just starting out with few choices to make, the Mutual Demise will work.

Relic Set

Any character that revolves around the Weakness Break mechanic can always benefit from the Thief of Shooting Meteor set.

This is one of the best sets which gives a total of 32% additional Break Effect on top of energy regen every time they inflict Weakness Break.

Xueyi best relic set

Genius of Brilliant Stars set is another great choice in general becasue of the total of 20% Defense ignored for enemies with Quantum weakness.

Which set you choose will depend on your team composition and which one has better substats:

  • Crit Damage. Above anything else, if your character cannot deal enough damage first, not even 100% of Crit Rate will help. A minimum of 100% Crit Damage is necessary, ideally 120%.
  • Crit Rate. This comes naturally if you want to be able to wear the Rutilant Arena (70%) or Inert Salsotto (50%).
  • Break Effect. This is her main mechanic, the more she breaks, the more damage she does.
  • Speed. We want her to be able to move right after the support characters buff her.
  • Attack. This goes hand in hand with Crit Damage. Gloves already has fixed Attack stat and a 5-star Lightcone has higher attack number. Somewhere above 1900 is decent.

For the planar set, the Rutilant Arena is an ideal choice, the planar set from World 7. It gives a solid Basic Attack and Skill Damage buff by 20%, however, it needs 70% Crit Rate. As alternative, the Inert Salsotto can also be a good choice which buffs up her Ultimate and follow-up attack instead.


Evenually, you want to be able to unlock all her Traces, but here’s the order of priority: skill > ultimate > talent > basic attack.

Xueyi needs to be able to keep using her skill which is her main damaging move.

Xueyi traces

Follow that up with her bonus ability: Clairvoyant Loom/Intrepid Rollerbearings (if you have Quantum relic set, the latter, if Thief set, the former), and then Perspicacious Mainframe.

Team Composition

Ruan Mei is her best partner in the game right now because of her ability to increase her Break Effect.

Most Harmony characters work well with her, but especially fellow Quantum characters are great choices.

Pela can be a great 4-star to your Ruan Mei-Xueyi team for extra shredded Def. You can have Fu Xuan, Lynx, or Bailu to help with keeping the team alive.

And that’s the Xueyi full build in Honkai: Star Rail. Now, she’s a very fun 4-star DPS Quantum character, so don’t sleep on her!

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