Honkai Star Rail: In Utter Darkness Hidden Achievement Guide Update 1.6

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Honkai Star Rail In Utter Darkness Starcrusher Swarm King

Defeating big bosses in games are normally straightforward. You come into an inconspicuously large room and defile everything that moves inside of it and move on to the next one.

However, there’s one boss in Honkai Star Rail’s recent 1.6 update that enjoys going against the grain, giving everyone hunting down achievements a tough time.

And yes, you heard that right, the “In Utter Darkness” hidden achievement requires a special condition that can only be obtained while fighting the Starcrusher Swarm King of Update 1.6.

Find out what that condition may be by reading the rest of the guide below!

In Utter Darkness Hidden Achievement Guide Update 1.6

The achievement is obtained by Weakness Breaking the Starcrusher Swarm King after it uses “Carapace of Nurtured Disaster.

However, you have to wait for the boss to use it first during its second phase. After that, Weakness Break needs to be inflicted.

To make the achievement less of a pain to get, you’d want to take on the boss on a difficulty where he has enough health to survive the break damage.

Honkai Star Rail In Utter Darkness Boss

Recommended Team

If you’re team is low levelled, then you can make do with a Difficulty II run. However, if that still doesn’t fill you with much confidence, you can take off your team’s weapons to make sure they don’t overdo things.

The team you should have will consist of March 7th and Sushang as the core members. Additionally, the fifth slot should go to a sustain or physical trailblazer.

Then, in your last slot, you can borrow either a Ruan Mei or a Dan Heng as the amount of break damage they deal is quite significant.

Honkai Star Rail In Utter Darkness Boss Fight

Getting to Phase II

We’re going with March 7th because she’s able to freeze the boss with her ultimate. This prevents him from doing anything (duh) and allows your entire team to do an additional round of attacks. That translates to dealing more break damage.

Since Dan Heng deals so much damage, you can get away with not having to bring in a sustain. Having a Physical Trailblazer instead will get you make more break damage.

With this, you can use three skills on Dan Heng to quickly bring the boss down to Phase 2. What you can with the rest is just use basic attacks to build skill points.

Honkai Star Rail In Utter Darkness Dan Heng

Upon entering Phase II, the boss will regenerate his break bar back to full. From here, you can use Trailblazer’s basic, ultimate, and basic again.

This is to make sure Dan Heng has enough skill points to do his full attack. In addition to that, you can use March 7th’s basic attacks and save her ultimate for the end of your turn.

Doing all of this and making use of Dan Heng’s skill points will bring down the boss to 10% breakage. With that, you can send-in March 7th once more to finish the job.

Honkai Star Rail In Utter Darkness Starcrusher Swarm King

And that’s how you get the “In Utter Darkness” hidden achievement in Honkai Star Rail. Go easy on the boss until you no longer have to!

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