Honor of Kings: Complete Luara Guide

Move fast and hit hard with this new character.

Honor of Kings is a MOBA style mobile game that features a plethora of characters you can choose from. Each of these characters are all special and unique, offering a different playstyle that may or may not suit what you are looking for. When you do find a character, you tend to learn more about them so you can use them efficiently. If you are a Luara user and you’re trying to learn the ropes about her, then you have come to the right place. In this guide, I will show you how you can use Luara in Honor of Kings.

Complete Luara Guide

Luara is a skilled marksman that can move around quickly around the battlefield. She is an expert parkour runner, so she utilizes her speed and agility to get around quickly. To attack, she throws projectiles that can reach an enemy at a long range. Combining her impressive Movement Speed and her long-range attacks, Luara is a beast that can easily elude her enemies.

However, Luara is a bit squishy. In the context that she is a hero that has low defense, so if you are to be overwhelmed as Luara, you are pretty much dead on the spot. That’s why you have to be near walls, as walls are your best friend. You are able to jump over walls and escape any ambushes that catches you off guard.

Luara running around to deal damage while using her impressive Movement Speed to get around in Honor of Kings.


Moving to her skills, Luara has a skillset that compliments her moveset. But you will need to learn everything you need to know about her skills if you want to actually know how to utilize them effectively. Here are her skills that you should know:

  • Serpent’s Envoy (Passive) – Serpent’s Envoy allows Luara to use her serpent blades, which will travel back and forth to a nearby enemy to deal damage. This will also increase her Critical Rate and Attack Speed, practically making her speeding bullet. When an enemy is defeated from either an assist or from her actually defeating them, another serpent blade is activated, as well as an increase in her Movement Speed temporarily.
  • Deadly Fang (Active) – When activating Deadly Fang, you will get an increase in Movement Speed for a short time. Not only that, but one serpent blade will appear and start attacking any target near it. This is also a useful skill to use when you need to escape, as you can scale a wall during your increased Movement Speed to escape and recuperate.
  • Furtive Attack (Active) – Summoning the power of the Fire Serpent, Luara will be able to summon the Fire Serpent’s Shadow to charge towards her. Anyone caught in this attack will be hit with Slow, making them move slower than they normally do. You can then start attacking those enemies as a counter attack.
  • Blazing Glare (Ultimate) – For her ultimate, Luara summons the powerful Fire Serpent once more. This time, the Fire Serpent will deal magical damage to enemies that are in front of the attack. Luara is imbued with the Power of the Fire Serpent, summoning the serpent blade. In this form, Luaura will accumulate Fury from attacks when she is attacked. When she gets max Fury, the Fire Serpent will attack form above and rain down fire on enemies, dealing damage and launching them into the air.
Luara using her skills to deal damage while being ready to escape at a moments notice in Honor of Kings.

That’s all you need to know on how to play as Luara in Honor of Kings. Did this guide help you understand what you can do as this powerful new hero? Let us know in the comments below.

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