Horse Life: Spawn Locations for Every Breed & Where to Find All Horses Guide

Grow your collection of whimsical creatures with this quick and simple guide!

Horse Life is a Roblox game all about taming and riding all sorts of different horses, and it was recently released after spending some time in testing. With the full release finally here, Horse Life is getting more new players flooding in the servers and looking for stuff to catch. In this guide, we will help you find most of the special horse breeds that you can currently tame in the game!

Spawn Locations for Every Breed & Where to Find All Horses Guide

For starters, the regular horses, which can have varying colors and other physical features, can spawn pretty much anywhere in the map. All players start with one of these, and they are usually found in a herd.

With that out of the way, let’s start getting into the more distinctive types of horses that you can only find in certain places. Be warned, some of these require a lot of luck, so be ready for a potentially long grind!

Before you start your hunt, though, check out our guide on how to unlock the Bisorse, Caprine, Unicorn, and Gargoyle first. If you don’t do this, you won’t be able to tame these breeds when you find them.

Horse Life player tending to her tamed horses

Horse Type #1. Pony

Ponies are mainly found near and around the autumn themed forest area, indicated by the large orange trees. Typically, they spawn on the lower part of this zone, not on the mountains above as a different breed can be found there.

A lot of them tend to spawn near these autumn areas, and they are particularly easy to spot due to how distinctly small their models are compared to all of the other horse types in the game.

Horse Life player running near a group of ponies

Horse Type #2. Caprine

The Caprine breed is one of the latest additions to the game, and they can be found in roughly the same region as the ponies. Like I hinted at earlier, this is the breed that spawns in the mountains above the autumn themed region.

All you need to do is make your way up from where the ponies typically spawn and you’ll eventually run into a caprine. They stand out due to their goat-like appearance and horns, and they can come in varying colors.

One thing to note about this breed is that they are aggressive and will try to knock you off your mount if you get too close. This can be especially annoying since they are typically found in groups of three to four.

Horse Life player getting chased by some caprines

Horse Type #3. Equus

The Equus first showed up during the game’s beta phase, and we actually covered it in an older guide. They are still found in the swamp region, which is very close to the town. You can’t miss it as the region is defined by green trees with large droopy leaves.

These horses closely resemble regular ones except for the fact that they have zebra-like features, such as striped manes and tails. Their bodies can have stripes or spots too, so they can vary wildly in appearance.

Horse Life player in the swamp with some equus nearby

Horse Type #4. Bisorse

The Bisorse breed only spawn in the canyon zone, which is right beside the swamp biome where the Equus can be found. They often spawn in groups, making them very easy to tame in bulk if you so desire.

They have a particularly odd bison-like appearance and hardly resemble a regular horse. Similar to the Caprine breed, these can also knock you off your mount, so watch out when approaching them!

Horse Life player riding near a herd of bisorses

Horse Type #5. Gargoyle

Gargoyles can be found in forest areas, typically near ruins or on top of cliffs. From a distance, they can be difficult to distinguish from regular horses due to their similar-ish appearance. However, as you approach them, you will clearly see their unique features.

They often have rocky skin, sometimes with moss or smaller stones stuck all around them. They can also spawn in with horns or tails made out of rock. These cannot be found in groups, so it can be hard to tame more than one in a short period of time.

Horse Life player approaching a wild gargoyle

Horse Type #6. Unicorn

Finally, the last breed that you can currently find in the game are the unicorns, which are some of the rarest at the moment. These horned creatures do not spawn in groups and are particularly rare in general.

Due to how rare and desirable they are, you will typically have to compete with other people who are waiting for them to spawn near the beaches. If you are hunting for unicorns, just be ready for others to potentially try and steal it from you.

Horse Life player approaching a unicorn in the forest

And those are all of the different horse breed currently implemented in the game, with more to come in future updates. Now get out there and start growing your collection!

While you’re here, check out our relatively old guide on how to catch winged horses in the game. They are not exclusive to a specific breed due to being a mutation, and you should definitely learn more about them just in case you run into one!


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