How To Change Weapon Skins In Battlefield 2042

Make your gun unique from everyone else!

Battlefield 2042 is filled with action, and you need to have a strategy to come out on top. There are multiple guns in the game and you can customize them to fit into your playstyle. Aside from this, you can also choose in between numerous skins for your gun to make it uniquely yours!

Customizing your Weapon

 If you want to customize your weapon, you have to join a match first. After joining a match, press the T or Left Button if you are using a controller. Doing this will bring up the attachment screen, showing the guns you have.

You can add or remove attachments on this screen to customize your weapon and give it an edge compared to others. You can make attachments in the game as long as you have its required components. 

How to Change Weapon Skins

Another way to make your gun unique is to change its weapon skin. Just like the customization process, you can press “T” to go into your attachments menu. In here, you will notice another tab called Hardware Appearance.

Click on the Hardware Appearance tab and you will see all the weapon skins you have. You can choose the Weapon skin you want to put on your active gun on this menu. 

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