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The Hive Mother is the final boss in Clay Caves. Check this guide out to learn more.

One of the trickiest bosses to fight in Core Keeper is the Hive Mother. She can spawn a lot of eggs which explodes to acid when killed. In this guide, we’ll show you an effective strategy for killing the Hive Mother.

Core Keeper – How To Defeat Hive Mother

First, you’ll need to prepare and collect the necessary resources for this battle. Consumables such as food, potions, and other buffs are important as you might need them on or before attacking the Hive Mother.

Tools such as an Iron Shovel, Swords, a Slingshot, and Spike Traps are also crucial to beating this tanky boss. First, set up the Spike Traps around the Hive Mother; this is to help you with the eggs that are going to spawn in bunches. Then, you’re ready for battle.

The Battle

  • Consume any food and movement buffs to help you in battle. After the first hit, remember that you’ll have to evade as many acid hits as possible to survive.
  • A good tactic is to run in circles to kite the acid attacks by the Hive Mother. Take note that you’ll have to run in one direction, whether clockwise or counterclockwise. Also, avoid walking on acid in your path.
  • Ignore any eggs that are spawning since they’re trapped away from you. If there are larvae that are close to your range, kill them first.
  • Hit away until you kill the Hive Mother. This might take a few minutes since she has a lot of health. Once killed successfully, a treasure chest will spawn that contains a lot of rewards.

That’s one of the few ways you can kill the Hive Mother. You can also try other forms of attacks, but this one might be the most effective since it neutralizes any attacks from the spawned eggs—which are the main problem most of the time. Have fun playing!

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