How To Find Mariette’s Charm in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

Help a poor lass out and you’ll get another helpful ally.

Mariette’s Charm is a key item you can find and a prized possession for Mariette in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes.

Thing is, the young lady seems to have lost it somewhere! She asks you for your help, and completing her little quest will even allow you to recruit her.

In this short guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to find Mariette’s Charm and recruit her.

How To Find Mariette’s Charm | Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes Quest Guide

Twinhorne East location

Before you hunt down Mariette’s Charm, make sure that you spoke to Mariette over in Twinhorne East. It’s a settlement in the southwest of the Euchrisse region.

We assume you’ve already spoken to her if you’re here. Nonetheless, we thought it would be worth noting where to find her for those who haven’t.

When you speak with Mariette, she’ll mention that she lost her Charm over in The Greatwood dungeon. More specifically, you need to go to The Greatwood – South.

The Greatwood dungeon entrance

To reach The Greatwood – South, simply go all the way west in the Euchrisse region. You can find its entrance marked in the map above.

Once you’re inside the dungeon, you simply need to walk around until you trigger a special random encounter.

The Treasure Chest fight

You can tell you’ve found the correct random encounter when you face off against a group of Rabbit Heroes and Rabbit Archwitches with a treasure chest.

The treasure chest is vital here, as it holds Mariette’s Charm!

Using Attack/Gimmick on the Treasure Chest

To loot the treasure chest, select to Fight. Then choose Attack / Gimmick on one of your characters and target the chest.

Ideally, use a character with a high Speed stat to open the chest. Mellore would be a good one, for example. You can recruit her at the Redthroat Ridge.

Obtained Mariette's Charm!

You’ll get Mariette’s Charm as soon as a character opens the chest. After that, you just have to wipe out the Rabbit enemies to complete the fight.

If you don’t open the chest before defeating the enemies, you can try again by triggering more random encounters.

Quest Completed | How To Find Mariette’s Charm in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

Once you’ve got Mariette’s Charm, head back to Twinhorne East and talk with Mariette. She’ll offer to join, so invite her into your ranks and you’re all done!


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