How to Fix Electricity Bottleneck in Cities Skylines 2

If you stumble into an electricity bottleneck, here’s how to fix it!

Cities Skylines 2, just like the game that came before it, is an incredibly deep and complex simulator that offers a lot of challenges for you to tackle throughout your city building career. Among these will be electricity bottlenecks, which happens when the grid cannot keep up with the demand. The fix is relatively simple, though it isn’t clearly explained to you as a new player.

How to Fix Electricity Bottleneck

Electricity bottlenecks are quite troublesome, as it can lead to buildings around a certain region not having any power due to the lack connections to the grid.

The solution to an electricity bottleneck is to add more connections so that more power can be distributed throughout the area.

One of the ways to fix this issue is by building new transformer stations, as well as more power lines connecting them to your power plants.

Cities Skylines 2 transformer station

To keep it simple, you can build one right beside your power plant and connect it via cables. Eventually, the bottleneck notification should disappear if you did it correctly.

If you are still having bottleneck issues, you will need to create more transformer stations throughout the city, as well as connect them to your power source whichever way you desire.

Cities Skylines 2 transformer station 2

If you would rather not have wires scattered all over the surface, you can also opt for underground cables as well.

In order to attach underground cables, lower the elevation to around 10 to 20 meters down before connecting the line to your power source. This setting can be found on the lower left-hand side of the UI when placing down cables or lines.

The problematic areas should eventually gain electricity again if you’ve performed the previous step correctly.

Otherwise, you might still need to construct additional electric cables around the area, or maybe even more transformer stations connected to power lines.

Cities Skylines 2 underground cables

That’s all you need to know about addressing electricity bottlenecks in Cities Skylines 2. The fix can be quite simple, but it might affect the aesthetics and layout of your city if you didn’t opt for underground connections!

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