How To Get Arachknight in InVision’s: Web Verse

A glide through to swinging in style.

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Oops! Another Roblox puzzle you can’t solve? Trouble finding your way? That’s alright. Cut your newly found spidey sense some slack. A little push is all you need, and we’re here for you.

Save your time and energy and skip to the good part! No need to fret anymore, we know you love the Web Verse as much as we do – what’s there not to like!           

Let’s help you catch on with your peers: Here’s an easy to-the-point guide to getting Roblox’s new Arachknight skin!

NOTE: This is only unlockable in Dimension 1106.

How To Get Arachknight

  • Get to the Arachknight Icon in the map to start the quest.

A dialogue will start and end with your very first hint. You will have to find five tablets and bring them back to Jake Lockley.

Tablet #1

  • The first tablet is at the port, next the Prowler Quest.

Make your way to the Prowler Icon.

Prowler Icon for Arachnknight InVision's Web Verse

The tablet sits next to a red container.

Arachnknight InVision's Web Verse Tablet 1

Toggle ‘Collect Item’ and pick up the tablet to get your next hint.

Tablet #2

  • The second tablet is on top of a duck billboard, at Times Square.
Arachnknight InVision's Web Verse Tablet 2

Find your way to a hub of bright neon billboards and you’re there.

Facing the green billboard with a yellow duck on it, the tablet would be on the top right corner. Make your way up there to grab it.

Tablet #3

  • The third tablet is in the street close to the Oscorp building.

This one’s a little tricky, but you’ll get there if you continue from the duck billboard;

  • Keeping the duck billboard to your right, swing ahead.
  • You should cross a billboard with a coffee cup on your left.
  • Swing your way to the Oscorp building and then turn around.
  • You’ll find two ways: one you came from and another to your right. Swing to that one until you reach a red billboard.
  • There are screens lit under the billboard, move to the second one on your right. Your tablet sits right next to it. Get the next hint.
Arachnknight InVision's Web Verse Tablet 3

Tablet #4

  • The fourth tablet is under a street light near a boombox icon. Swing to the boombox icon over a bridge.

The tablet lies right next to the firststreet light on your right, next to a tree.

Arachnknight InVision's Web Verse Tablet 4

Tablet #5

  • The fifth and final tablet is atop a water fountain in the park near the Arachknight icon.
Arachnknight InVision's Web Verse Tablet 5

Climb on top of the fountain in the park and fetch your last tablet.

Return Tablets To Get Arachknight Skin

  • Return the collected tablets.

Go back to where you started the quest and return your tablets. A cut-scene will follow, ending with your reward.

Arachnknight InVision's Web Verse Return Tablet
  • Strut your newly unlocked skin!
Arachnknight InVision's Web Verse Unlock

Congratulations! You deserve it. Time to explore as the upgraded friendly neighborhood vigilante! Have more queries irking your spidey-sense? We’ve got you covered. Explore the Web Verse with us to experience more story and action – in style!

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