How To Get Infinite Gold in Anime World Tower Defense

Start gathering all the Golds so you can buy things that you want!

Here are good units to get many gold in Anime World Tower Defense.

Gold is an essential currency in Roblox Anime World Tower Defense (AWTD). Having lots of Gold means that you can start buying upgrades for your characters and become even stronger. However, all of the items and upgrades that you need to purchase in-game require you to have a lot of gold. In this guide, we will show you how to make lots of Gold so you can afford all the things that you need.

How To Get Infinite Gold

First, you’ll need to have a team with Critical Category Units. There are many units that you can use, but prioritize getting these two units early on:

  • Yukka: He has a passive that lets him gain a 100% Critical Chance upon attacking an enemy with a [Charm] effect.
  • Ratio Sorcerer: The character has a 70% Critical Chance, which is really great. He is a character that any beginner player should have early on.
  • Dark Flame Lover: This character can deal damage in an AoE that hits many enemies at the same time. He will also apply the [Charm] effect that pairs up very well with Yukka.
  • RedHair: Even though he is not a damage character, he can provide Stuns that work very effectively against the metal enemies.
  • Other than those characters, consider taking a look at the characters from the Gold Farming Character Tier List.

After that, go to Select Mode. Then, choose Event Stage and look for Metal Rush. Depending on how strong your team currently is, you can either go for the Normal or Insane difficulties.

The Insane difficulty will give you x3 Gold and EXP gain, so you’ll want to do that as soon as you can. Once you’ve become even much stronger, consider doing the Challenger difficulty.

How To Get Infinite Gold in Anime World Tower Defense Metal Rush

When you start the game, you will see an in-game notification. It says that Metal enemies need a [Critical] hit to do real damage. This is why you’ll want to have Critical characters on the team.

In the Early Stages of the Match, place down all the Yukka units that you have that can deal Critical Damage to the enemies.

AWTD Yukkas

Make sure you bring the Shining Star Idol character as well to maximize your team’s damage. The Idol is a great support character that can increase the ATK of all units nearby.

If you are a beginner and you still haven’t got the character, try to obtain this character as soon as you can. The character can work in most teams and can be quite effective.

How To Get Infinite Gold in Anime World Tower Defense Shining Star Idol

To assist your Yukkas, which are your main DPS sources, make sure you place down the Dark Flame Lover Units. They can apply the [Charm] effect that allows Yukka to have a 100% Critical Chance.

AWTD Dark Flame Lover

Next, you will want to place down your RedHair units. He has a stun effect that slows down all of the Metal Enemies. The enemies in this mode are immune to lots of effects, except for effects like stuns.

His special ability can also let you stop enemies from moving for up to 9 seconds. The ability will also increase his damage by 5 times against enemies that are in range.

AWTD RedHair

Even though the gamemode gives no EXP, it gives you a ton of gold. If you win the match, you will be able to receive more than 868,000 Gold!

After you win, you can queue up for a new game and continue farming to obtain even more currencies. With lots of Cash in your inventory, you can start buying new items and character upgrades.

AWTD Rewards

That’s how you can get Infinite Gold in Anime World Tower Defense. The method mentioned in this article uses a few basic characters that work very well. Even if you are a beginner, you can start using this method quite early on in your progress!

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