How to get Maguu Kenki TCG Card – Genshin Impact

Add this powerful card to your collection by following this guide.

Genshin Impacts card game can be pretty fun if you have the right cards in your decks. Playing with no knowledge of your deck can be disastrous for you, as you will have no idea what your cards are or what they do. Luckily, no one sane would do something like that, as card games usually bring out the competitive nature of everyone involved. In this guide, we will be showing you how to get the Maguu Kenki card for your deck. This card is very powerful and can prove useful to you if you know what you are doing.

Genshin Impact – How to get Maguu Kenki TCG Card

Complete the Challenge Objectives

Talk to Prince and click on “Start a Tavern Card Challenge”. Find Maguu Kenki’s Origin and click on Go to Challenge. Scroll down and you should see three Challenge Objectives that you need to complete in order to get the card. Those are:

  • Achieve victory
  • Achieve victory within 5 Rounds
  • Win with less than 2 characters defeated

If you successfully complete all three Challenge Objectives, then you will unlock the Maguu Kenki card at the end of the challenge.

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