How To Recruit Celia in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

Tracking down the lost wife.

Celia is an ambitious cook in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes and requires a few steps before you can recruit her. She’s one of the 120 available characters you can recruit. It’s definitely possible to completely miss out on the opportunities to add this Battle-type character to your team. So, here’s how you can get her!

How To Recruit Celia

Celia is the Masked Woman that challenges you at the Cooking Challenges at the Headquarters. To recruit her, you have to win the Cooking Challenges against her with Kurtz in your team.

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So, to summarize what you need to recruit Celia:

  • Recruit Kurtz.
  • Build the Restaurant at Headquarters.
  • Win 10 Cook-Offs.
  • Find the Scroll of Heaven.
  • Win another 5 Cook-Offs.

Recruit Kurtz: We have the full comprehensive guide to recruit Kurtz. To summarize, speak to the guy in Hishahn where he’ll ask you to find him the Grilled Tutuva Recipe. The recipe is in The Treefolk Village.

Grilled Tutuva Recipe location for Kurtz.

Build a restaurant: Head to Iris to get the Restaurant built in your Headquarters. You need Kurtz to do this.

Build the Restaurant at HQ.

Win 10 Cook-Offs. Head into the Restaurant and start the Cooking Challenge by speaking to Kurtz and then the Cook. Every Cook-Off takes 10 minutes before you can start another round.

Find the Scroll of Heaven. Once you’re done with the 10th round, Trey will tease about the certain scroll. This will turn into a quest where you need to find the Scroll of Heaven, which is to the south in Seaside Cavern.

Where to find Scroll of Heaven in Seaside Cavern.

Win another 5 Cook-Offs. After you bring him the scroll, win another 5 rounds with 10 minutes of wait in between as usual. After the last one, you’re going to finally meet the Masked Woman.

Win against her and she’ll reveal herself as Celia who is willing to join your party.

And this is how you can recruit Celia in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes! This game has 120 people you can recruit so if you don’t want to miss them. Here’s how to recruit Faye & B’baba in the game.


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