Hunter Era: Complete Beginner’s Guide (Levelling, Clan, Nen, Hatsu, & More)

Everything you need to know to get started in the game right here!

Hunter Era is a new game on Roblox that is heavily inspired by the popular Hunter x Hunter manga and anime franchise, and it is an RPG with a ton of content and mechanics to explore. In this beginner’s guide, we will be giving you some tips and things to keep in mind as a new player.

Complete Beginner’s Guide (Levelling, Clan, Nen, Hatsu, & More)

As soon as you log in to the game, you will immediately be given an option to reroll your family. You start with a random one, but you can change this as long as you have available spins acquired through codes or other progression-related content.

Each family has its own unique passive buff, though these are usually not that overpowered, so you don’t need to get a certain one to be powerful. Some of the possible buffs include:

  • Bonus Nen damage
  • Bonus Yen gain
  • Increased EXP gain
  • Bonus Health
  • Increased Walk Speed & Stamina Regen – This one is from the Zoldyck family, which I managed to get in three rolls.
Hunter Era family reroll screen with zoldyck being shown off

Starting Out – The Basics

When you first enter the actual game world, you will be railroaded into a tutorial that you must follow in order to actually start playing. This will teach you some basic controls, so just follow the instructions on the screen.

After that, you will be guided to the first quest giver. From there, just keep repeating the quest until you unlock the next one. To see whether you have a new quest to try, click on the Track Quest button on the left side of the screen.

Track Quest will show you the highest level activity you can do at the moment, and you will have an arrow guiding you to the NPC who will give it. Everything is marked on your screen, including your quest objective, so there’s no chance for you to get lost.

Hunter Era track quest button highlighted with an arrow

Rerolling Nen and Hatsu

Near the Academy where you spawn at, you will find the Nen Master. This NPC will offer to reroll your Nen and Hatsu, which are two mechanics that are integral to the game.

Outside of spending Robux, these spins can be earned by reaching certain levels or through codes that the developers occasionally release. Here are some codes for spins that still work as of writing this:

  • UZUMAKI – Will give you ten spins for Nen, Color, and Hatsu
  • 1klikes – Will give you five spins for Nen, Color, and Hatsu
  • sorry4delay – Gives you five spins for Nen
  • FunzyLabs – Gives you ten spins for Nen, Color, and Hatsu
  • RELEASE – Will give you ten family spins.

A lot of this is honestly down to personal preference, so just keep rerolling until you get something that appeals to you. This is especially true for the color rerolls, as it is purely cosmetic and doesn’t change anything about your gameplay.

my Hunter Era character standing in front of the Nen Master

The Gameplay Loop

Basically, all you have to do early on is spam quests and earn Yen and levels until you reach the current cap of 250. By around level 80 or so, you will be able to start questing on the second island, which you can access through the Island Traveller NPC near the first quest giver.

Going to the next island will cost thousands of Yen, so you will have to grind a ton of quests until you have enough to pay for a ticket.

On the topic of Yen, it is also used to access the gym, where you can train up your stats. You will have to pay a certain fee at the personal trainer outside to use its facilities, and this will cost some Yen as well.

Hunter Era personal trainer NPC standing beside a gym

Anything Else to Keep in Mind?

Unfortunately, there is not a lot to actually do in the game at the moment outside of questing and leveling up. We highly recommend grinding to max level while waiting for the first update to roll out.

Some features we can expect in the coming weeks should be the full release of the hunter exams and more polished PVP content, since we already have a sort of capture the flag thing going on in the different islands.

Since the game is not fully fleshed out just yet, that is pretty much everything you need to know as a new player. If you are looking for other anime-inspired RPG titles on Roblox, consider checking out our complete beginner’s guide to Jujutsu Legacy too!


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