Is Desktop Dungeons Permanently Free?

Can you pick this up at any time?

Free games are always a treat to have. That’s why I have an Epic Games account for the Epic Games Store, so I can get the weekly free games that I will never play. Most of them are just forgettable games, but it’s nice to have free stuff. When a game is old enough, the developers will sometimes give the game away for free.

Right now, Desktop Dungeons is the latest game to become free right now. But the question is: is it permanently free? Here, we will answer that question for you.

Desktop Dungeons – Is It Permanently Free?

Is It Free Forever?

The short answer is no, it is not.

The long answer is that the game will only be free until April 25, 2023 until 4 PM UTC. That means there are only five days left to pick up the game.

Even if you are not planning on ever playing the game, it’s still nice to have free things being given to you. But you never know that maybe one day you will be bored enough to try out Desktop Dungeon.

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