Islands of Insight: How To Play With Friends | Invite Friends

Suffer solving puzzles together!

Islands of Insight How To Play With Friends Invite Friends

There’s a new game out there and it’s called Island of Insight, a puzzle game where there are more than 10,000 puzzles! That’s a lot of thinking to solve all of that and sometimes you’d want some help with the puzzles.

If you play the game, you might have noticed that players are running around the game. That’s because there is multiplayer in this puzzle game that is not explained very well on how it works.

In this guide, we’ll show you how you can play these weird puzzle games with friends on Steam. We’ll also go through what you can do with your friends and if this game is a multiplayer one!

How To Play With Friends | Invite Friends

The game Island of Insight has a large map filled with thousands of puzzles for players to solve. It’s also populated with other players that you can see solve different puzzles as well. The thing is, the game doesn’t explain how multiplayer works. I’ll explain how to play with friends below!

Inviting Friends

If you want to play the game with friends, it’s quite easy. All you need to do is invite the friend you want to play with using the Steam overlay or the Friends window. Right-click on the friend you want to invite and select “Invite To Game.”

NOTE: If you can’t invite your friends to the game, try restarting the game. Inviting players when you run the game for the first time might not work for some people.

Islands of Insight Flying Through Map

Playing With Friends

Now that you have your friend on the same server as you, what do you do now? Well, not much actually. The game doesn’t have cooperative puzzle solving; when two people go for one puzzle, you can’t work on it together.

Multiplayer in this game is like what phantoms and ghosts are in Dark Soul games. They’re there and you can see them, and you can invite them to a ‘party’ but that’s about it. You still have to do the puzzles and find hidden stuff yourself.

You can invite and play with friends on Island of Insight. The multiplayer content is almost non-existent compared to other games but hopefully, they patch in more! Are you wondering if you can play the game with a controller? Check out our article on whether you can play with a controller or not!


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