Item Asylum: Complete ELIM Guide

How to survive to Sudden Death.

Item Asylum: Complete ELIM Guide

Roblox Item Asylum has a lot of gamemode and ELIM is one of the more competitive and popular ones which will be covered in this guide. ELIM can only have one winner out of the entire lobby and some of us struggle to even survive up to the Sudden Death phase. We’re going to show you how to get to the end of the match and maximize your winning chances.

Complete ELIM Guide

ELIM gamemode gives players 3 lives and ends only when there’s one player left on the field. The map is randomized, and the Sudden Death mode restricts area to a small section which will deal damage to players if they’re outside of it.

To survive, there are mainly two strategies you can try: by being aggressive or ratting. The latter might sound very weird but it’s a decent strategy depending on the lobby you’re playing against. Let’s talk about ratting/hiding first.


This is a well-known strategy in BR games. In most situations where you are up against better players with worse loadouts, the more logical course of actions is to wait it out until you can be confident about landing a kill. Alternatively, some players try to hide until the Sudden Death phase.

Others make it obvious that they’re passively waiting for other players to come. This means that you don’t necessarily jump into other people’s fights and only take up whoever that tries to challenge you. You also have an icon to kill on top of your head until you lose your first life.

Ranged, hiding strat in ELIM in Item Asylum.

This is also a good way to observe how other players play. And once you learn how to hide and survive in the game, then you can start using the other more recommended method.

Hiding is also a fitting style if you’re armed with ranged weapons. After landing a few kills, you can retreat when you realize players are heading towards you or just hide.

  • Pros: You can have as many lives until the final phase and avoid unnecessary deaths. Gives you chances to third-party. You can reset with extra lives to get better loadouts.
  • Cons: You have very small health pool compared to top fraggers. Unless you’re playing ranged which allows you to rack up a few kills from a distance.


What makes the ELIM mode unique in Item Asylum is the fact that the more kills you do, the tankier you get. This encourages players to be on the offensive side instead of hiding and gives aggressive players the upperhand. Not to mention you’re eliminating potential threats heading into the Sudden Death phase.

Aggressive playstyle during Sudden Death in Item Asylum.

Aggressive players can also learn to pull back to full heal while looking for other opportunities to third-party other fights. But at the same time, risk having the same done to them. The more you kill the more you stand out with the less people alive. But aggressive is also the only way to deal with loadouts like lilynette and other strong loadouts, to force them to reset.

  • Pros: Higher health pool with each kill.
  • Cons: High chance of getting third-partied by other players. Constantly in low health if you keep taking on fights.

Whether you’re hiding or being aggressive, head to the high point to knockback other players or make distance from the low-ground fights. This gives you a bigger chance of survival until you end up with as few opponents to deal with as possible.

Regardless of your strategy, the Sudden Death phase can be vary wildly depending on the lobby. Sometimes you end up with a player who has knockback kits that you can’t avoid. Sometimes someone gets on the vantage point first before you and knock you out. So definitely, luck plays a role in this mode!

That concludes the guide for ELIM in Item Asylum. We also made another comprehensive guide for miscellaneous items here too, so don’t forget to check that out!


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