Jujutsu Lineage: Best Class & Innate Techniques Tier List

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Jujutsu Lineage Kashimo

Jujutsu Lineage has been out for a while now and while there’s plenty more content to come gamers have yet again decided to go at each other’s throats to find out which class is the best.

Every class will have their own cursed way of getting the upper hand when it comes to a fight so who knows who’ll come out on top.

We decided to do what’s right and fan the flames a little bit by making a tier list. Find out which class is best (or broken) by reading what we got to show you!

Best Class & Innate Techniques Tier List

Right now, there’s a total of sixteen different classes or Innate Techniques to choose from. Each Technique of course will have their own passive that you can make use of during the heat of battle.

Every technique will have their own strengths and weaknesses. This relies on you, the player to time everything properly so you don’t end up doubting the list.

Jujutsu Lineage: Best Class & Innate Techniques Tier List

S Tier

  • Kashimo – A simple Lightning Discharge can send a shock to every target within a 30 stud range. This sends out lightning bolts and stuns anyone who gets hit. You can even combo extend off a dash with your M2.
  • Gojo – Players will never get close to you have Infinity. Anybody who tries to approach you will get slowed down and will be susceptible to hilarious amounts of bullying.
  • Sukuna – You deal a good amount of AOE with your explosive arrows. Anyone who gets caught in its path will have their eyebrows burned.
    • You also have Cleave, a slashing attack that adjusts itself depending on your target’s toughness and cursed energy level. Once you figure your opponent out it’s all a matter of cutting them down to size.
  • Jogo – Using Jogo helps you deny your enemy movement with Ember Insects. Let out 8 ember insects and they’ll do the rest of the work by hitting the ground and exploding. Flaming Flight is also great against those pesky opponents who keep on blocking your attacks.

  • Zenin – Zenin disregards the Twenty-Four Frame rule entirely. This buffs your player movement speed along with your passive projection.
    • To top it all off, you can even stun your opponent with Frame. For a whole second, the target will be unable to move, and you can easily blow them up, dealing 25% bonus damage.

A Tier

  • Kugisaki – The perfect choice if you want other players to hate you. You can spawn a hammer and a doll that strikes any nearby player with AOE.
    • Any affected player gets slowed and will be left open for a follow up attack. Get your Linked passive to connect if you want to damage even more players.
    • You can only deal a 1/4th of your original damage, however. Otherwise, this would’ve been bumped up to S Tier in an instant.  
  • Kento Kento is easily slept on by many. Some moves rely a little bit on luck, but if you can gain enough Ratio Combo then your chances of scoring a critical hit will increase immensely.

B Tier

  • Itadori – You get a second chance to come back fighting on the verge of death as Itadori. That’s really handy to have when you miss your Divergent Impact and want to know everyone back again for a second time.
  • Hanami – As the name implies, you can plop down a field of flowers which slows down players. While their interest in battle gets whittled, you get a damage increase of 35%. This also removes their regen and increases your defense by 35%.

C Tier

  • Todo – Relies on having enemy players nearby. Works best if you’re surrounded while you let out cursed energy around you.
    • Using Excitement also applies a defensive buff, which scales up if there’s more people nearby.
    • It’s even better if you can follow up with a Body Slam while the defensive buff is still up.
  • Inumaki – Inumaki lets you command you target to stop whatever they’re doing and explode. However, that doesn’t really do a lot of damage so not a lot of players use this in return.
  • Dagon – Not a lot of people want to use Dagon. Your summons take too long which obviously leaves you open to every attack possible.
  • Mahito – The area your spikes cover isn’t large enough to pose a threat to other players. You’ll end up doing more damage to yourself instead.
  • Suguru – Suguru only has one move at the moment. Other techniques or abilities have better chances of landing a hit and dealing more damage.

D Tier

  • Ino – Nobody has been caught using Ino yet. Their skills have too long of a cooldown to be considered reliable.
  • Kamo – Using Flowing Red Scale buffs your damage, speed, and overall attack speed. It’s even better if you leave this on D Tier because using that skill drains your HP. If the skill is used by someone who doesn’t have any then things just won’t end well.
Jujutsu Lineage Tundra 2

And that’s the best tier list you can count on while playing Jujutsu Lineage. Now go and reroll, see if you can get anything better!

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