Jujutsu Lineage: Best Ultra Class Tier List

What are the best (and worst) ultra classes in the game right now?

Jujutsu Lineage is a Roblox experience heavily inspired by Jujutsu Kaisen, and it involves a lot of thrilling PVE and PVP encounters.

There are many styles that you can acquire in the game, ranging from base rarity all the way up to ultra classes.

In this tier list, we’ll be ranking the current best and worst ones in the game.

Best Ultra Class Tier List

The various ultra classes in the game all require a lot of work and money to get, so of course, you’re going to want to know which ones are worth acquiring at the moment.

This list is purely subjective and based on the community’s thoughts, though recent patch changes make some of these classes objectively worse than others.

With that said, though, don’t get mad if your favorite one is on the low end, as things can always change in the future!

Jujutsu Lineage gameplay


  • Vanguard
  • Whisperer
  • Shura


  • Kensai
  • Wraith Knight


  • Shadeblade
  • Oni
  • Sigil Knight Commander
  • Stormcaller
Jujutsu Lineage gameplay 2


  • Deep Knight


  • Dragon Slayer

And that’s pretty much it for this tier list in Jujutsu Lineage. Currently, most of them are viable depending on who you ask, though the ones on the lower tiers are probably best avoided for now.

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