Jujutsu Lineage: Complete Beginner’s Guide

There is just a whole lot of clan skills for you to choose from!

Jujutsu Lineage: Complete Beginner's Guide

Jujutsu Lineage lets you become a powerful sorcerer, and team up with other fellow sorcerers to go on amazing cooperative quests. If you want something more competitive, you can also have access to available in-game PvP features and prove your powers against other players.

As a Beginner, you’ll want to know how to get started and progress in the game. With so many techniques and classes to choose from, there is a lot for you to learn.

Complete Beginner’s Guide

Vanguard Trainer

The Vanguard is one of the Ultra Classes currently available in the game. To find the trainer, you’ll want to teleport to Desert 1 by typing desert 1 into the chatbox. After you have teleported, head in the direction in the image down below.

Jujutsu Lineage: Complete Beginner's Guide Vanguard

As you drop down from the mountain, stick to the walls and fall on the platforms instead. You do not want to land on the ground by jumping all the way from the top since there is fall damage.

Once you have reached the ground, you’ll find the Vanguard Trainer. The whole class and the armor should cost you a total of 1920 yen.

Jujutsu Lineage: Complete Beginner's Guide Vanguard

Shade Blade

For Shade Blade, you’ll want to come to Desert 3. After that, run straight.

Jujutsu Lineage: Complete Beginner's Guide Shade Blade

Then, keep sticking to the left side as you run until you reach the end.

Jujutsu Lineage: Complete Beginner's Guide Shade Blade

Once you have arrived at the end, turn left and you will find the Shade Blade Trainer. Talk to him and you will be able to make a purchase.

The class will cost you 1400 yen and the armor will be 150 yen. This will total up to 1550 yen for everything.

Jujutsu Lineage: Complete Beginner's Guide Trainer

Kensai (Samurai)

To get Kensai, head to Desert 4. Once you have teleported, walk through the curtains to your left and you will be in a hall area. Then, walk inside the room that we have marked for you. Inside, you’ll be able to get the Super version of Kensai.

Jujutsu Lineage: Complete Beginner's Guide Kensai

For the Ultra Class version, come to Greenland 2 by typing it in your chatbox. Then, head northeast and you’ll find yourself at Sendai Town.

Jujutsu Lineage: Complete Beginner's Guide Kensai

Then, keep going deeper into the Town until you eventually see a waterfall at the bank of the Sendai Town.

Behind a pink tree, you’ll find the Ultra Class Trainer for the Kensai Class. The class should be 1750 yen. Remember to bring another extra 2500 yen so you can get the armor/sword as well.

Jujutsu Lineage: Complete Beginner's Guide Kensai

Clan Skills

You can get Clan Skills by talking to specific NPCs found in many locations of the game. For Kento, Ino, and Kugasaki, come to Forest 3.

After you have teleported, walk straight and turn right and you’ll see yourself at Oresfall.

Look to your right and you’ll see Inno in front of the entrance. Inside, you’ll see a Trainer with blonde hair, he is the Kento Trainer.

Opposite to the tavern you’re in, you’ll find the Kugasaki Trainer on the other side, inside of the store with the Food Icon on its board.

Jujutsu Lineage: Complete Beginner's Guide Clan Skill

Inumaki is in Greenland 2, next to a camp. After you teleport, head straight as usual but move a bit to the left and you’ll find the camp he’s in.

Jujutsu Lineage NPC

Itadori is also in Greenland 2. Instead of heading towards the camp, go in the opposite direction and head towards the bridge.

Jujutsu Lineage Bridge

Go past the Itadori NPC and go through the bridge. On the other side, you’ll find the Todo clan.

Jujutsu Lineage Todo

In Sendai Town, in the waterfall area, you’ll also be able to see the Zenin Trainer.

Jujutsu Lineage Zenin

For Kashimo, go to Tundra 5. After you have teleported, look towards your left and you’ll see him on your left.

Jujutsu Lineage Tundra 5

To find Gojo, head towards Forest 1 and go inside the Church of the Prince. Inside, you will find him sitting on one of the seats.

Jujutsu Lineage Gojo

For Sukuna, go to Forest 4. After you have teleported, head towards the direction in the image below. Then, jump down when you have reached the end.

Jujutsu Lineage Sukuna

You will now find yourself in the Sanguine Shrine. Turn left, then take the second entrance to your right. Keep heading straight and you will find the Sukuna trainer in one of the rooms.

Jujutsu Lineage Shrine

Trinket Farming

Trinkets can be useful for your Ultras. One spot you should go to is in Tundra 2. After you teleport, head inside the Temple of Fire. You will find a rope you can use to get to the other side.

Jujutsu Lineage Trinket

Once you’re on the other side, keep going straight and drop down. Then, keep heading forward and you will then find some trinkets on the ground which you can pick up.

After that, run in the opposite direction and hug the walls. Then, the trinkets will respawn, and you can just repeat the steps. This is the best way for you to gather this material.

Jujutsu Lineage Farm

Grading Up + Cursed Spirit Clan Skills

For Cursed Spirit Clans, you’ll want to go to the Grade Up NPC’s (Scen) Location in Desert 4. You can find him hanging around next to Gilderoy’s Garments. To grade up, he’ll ask you to turn in cursed objects in exchange for experience.

When you interact with him, there will be an option for you to learn more about your cursed clan. Other than that, you will need to have up to 45 Ultra Players grips for all your skills. On average, it will take you around 15 grips for each skill.

Jujutsu Lineage Grading Up

PvE Quests

Go to Desert 5 and head inside the Everglow Cavern. You can do this by heading straight after teleporting, then sticking to the walls as you head towards the right side.

Then, jump all the way upwards and you’ll find the entrance.

Jujutsu Lineage PvE

Inside, you’ll find the NPC. Upon completing the quest, you will receive a chest with rewards inside.

Jujutsu Lineage NPC

For the next quest, you’ll want to head towards Greenland 2 and go in the direction in the image below. Keep walking until you eventually reach the Wayside Inn.

Jujutsu Lineage Greenland 2

Then, talk to the Kanashi NPC. On defeating three enemies, you will receive a chest. These enemies can also drop Cursed Pieces, and you can then exchange them for EXP.

From the chest, you can get the Artifacts, Weapons as well as many other useful items.

Jujutsu Lineage NPC

PvP Quests

Teleport to snail and look for the NPC waiting at the counter. Since it is a PvP quest, the chest from it can be of higher rarity.

Jujutsu Lineage PvP Quest

That’s all of the beginner concepts that you’ll want to know when you’re new to the game! With so many clans and classes for you to choose from, it’s best to consider which one fits you the most. If you still haven’t made up your mind, trying all of them can also be a good option!

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