Jujutsu Shenanigans: How to Wall Run Guide

Move around the map in style with this neat little movement trick!

Jujutsu Shenanigans has rolled out yet another juicy update, and with that comes all kinds of fixes and new features to spice things up in this Roblox fighting game. One of the things introduced in this patch is the ability to wall bounce, which is a movement mechanic that you can take advantage of to gain some verticality in the middle of a fight. Here’s how to do it!

How to Wall Run Guide

Whether you want to refer to it as “wall running” or “wall bouncing”, the idea here is basically the same. This new mechanic allows you to scale up walls as long as there are two surfaces close to each other.

Basically, all you need to do is hold down the spacebar and move towards the wall. Upon hitting a wall, you will automatically bounce off to the side.

If two walls are close enough to each other, you can keep holding down the spacebar and alternate between moving and turning to the left and right in order to continue bouncing upwards.

Jujutsu Shenanigans admin demonstrating the wall bounce mechanic

The only thing to keep in mind here is that not every set of parallel walls will let you do this, as a lot of them are too far apart and you’ll simply fall back to the ground before you can reach the other side.

You will have to practice hitting the right angles and getting to the other side faster for certain walls, as there are spots that may seem impossible but can actually be climbed up on.

Figuring out which locations you can do this new trick on will take quite a bit of experimentation, so just keep exploring the map and test out the wall bouncing mechanic on your own spare time.

And that is everything you need to know in order to execute this new movement mechanic in the game. While you’re here, check out our guide on Hakari in Jujutsu Shenanigans, which was also added in a recent update.


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