Kaiju Universe: Best Karkinos Guide & Showcase (All Powers & How To Use Them)

Make full use of your ranged attacks!

Kaiju Universe: Best Karkinos Guide & Showcase (All Powers & How To Use Them)

A guide for Karkinos in Roblox game Kaiju Universe is due as the 6-legged Kaiju has been added. This large Kaiju can be very dominating in the game with its long legs and wide swipes around him. Let’s take an in-depth look at Karkinos skills and how they work!

Best Karkinos Guide & Showcase

Karkinos best playstyle is hitting from range and avoiding hits as much as possible. Karkinos is also unique in the constantly alternativing movesets. You can differentiate the attacks into light and heavy. Here’s more about Karkinos’s attacks:

  • You do 3 light attacks followed by 1 heavy attack.
  • To use Heavy Attack regardless of your combo, spend 50 Charges.
  • Recover half of Charges spent when landing hits.
  • Nitrogen stacks can be recovered with light attacks, except for the Nitrogen Spray attack.
  • Spend Nitrogen stacks to charge up your heavy attacks. The more you spend, the harder they hit and can even slow the enemy.
  • Relent, the 4th light attack, gives a free Nitrogen stack without spending any Charge.
Relent Light Attack from Karkinos in Kaiju Universe.

This is an overall look into what Karkinos can do. Every moveset has different styles of attacks, so it’s best to try out the Kaiju in person. Knowing which stage of which moveset does what helps you to move in or out depending on the situation.

Now here’s the strategy with Karkinos:

  • Maintain distance. This is the case with most Kaijus that own a ranged attack, but even more so with Karkinos. Because of its size and attack range, you should be able to do so easily.
  • Spam Relent, your 4th moveset’s light attack, to stack Nitrogen.
  • The best heavy attacks you want to Nitrogen stack on are the Leaping Attack and the Nitrogen Spray. Leaping Attack closes in distance instantly, deals a lot of damage and slows them when charged. Nitrogen Spray maintains distance, perfect for whether you need to keep distance, or prepping to close into them.
Spray attack from Karkinos.

The skill ceiling for Karkinos in Kaiju Universe can be pretty high, so this guide aims to show how you can reach that ceiling. Aside from Karkinos, here’s also another guide for the reworked Biollante, so don’t miss it!


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