Kaiju Universe: Best Monster Tier List (January 2024)

Kong and Battra ranking in the top list!

Kaiju Universe: Best Monster Tier List (January 2024)

There are many, many monsters in Kaiju Universe that are in dire need to be ranked on the tier list. As we enter 2024, we’re going to talk about who is dominating the field right now. We’re going to explain why the Kaijus are where they are in this list.

Best Monster Tierlist

If you are curious where your favorite Kaiju is, just look up for the name in this list. Below is the tier list for 2024 which doesn’t include base Kaiju and Minilla Ex which performance varies a lot.

Kaiju Universe: Best Monster Tier List Image (January 2024)


  • Voodon & Juju – Potion mechanic allows him to heal and boosts himself to getting decent DPS in with range.
  • Kong 2021 – High speed, has two modes for either healing or more ranged DPS, capability to parry.
  • Battra – Low HP, decent speed, better combo capability and can fight against both land and flying Kaiju
  • Mothman – Buff made him one of the best Kaiju with reduced hitbox and high DPS and many ailments as well as great range.
  • Godzilla Ultima – Strong melee capability that can hit flying Kaiju with decent damage, the right rotation can make Ultima unpunishable while dishing out over 3k damage.
  • Kamadolph – Decent HP with heal with random boosts that keep him alive for long with decent beam DPS.
  • Monster Zero – The strongest land Kaiju with high HP and high damage reduction, stands a small chance against flying Kaiju, but has a large hitbox.
  • Titanus Rodan – Decent HP, fast flying Kaiju with decent melee and can use Wrathful Charge with melee, skills have very good damage at over 1000.
  • Megaguirus – Very fast flying speed, has attacks with no end lag at all and decent DPS with hit-and -run style.
  • Destoroyah – A lot of combo potentials with strong beams that can turn the table at any point.


  • Showa Mechagodzilla – Heavy beam damage, weak to flying Kaiju.
  • Biollante – High HP with regen and dash, but low base speed and melee DPS.
  • Frozen Behemoth – High HP and melee DPS with freeze ailment, but short range.
  • Rose Biollante – Very high survivability skills with wall and trap but can be countered due to long trap cooldown and lack range.
  • MOGUERA – Shorter missiles duration and beam range, but still very decent, except against flying Kaiju.
  • Ready Player One Mechagodzilla – Decent against land, but bad against flying Kaiju.
Ready Player One Mechagodzilla
  • Megalon – Has dash with decent mid-range fighting ability.
  • Volcanic Biollante – High HP, high DPS with melee and skills, and potential for high speed.
  • Frostbite Gojira – Decent mid-range skills, but bad against flying Kaiju.
  • Mothra Larva – Low HP, but very high speed with small body makes her the perfect assassin.
  • Titanus Behemoth – High HP with heal, good melee DPS, but lack range and speed.
  • Type-3 Kiryu – Low HP, great overall offensive kit except the Spiral Claw.
  • Showa Gojira – Decent DPS, HP, and can fly.
  • Thermonuclear Godzilla – Solid offensive kit with decent speed, bad against flying Kaiju.
Thermonuclear Godzilla
  • Showa Gigan – Very fast with fast hits, great for hit-and-run.
  • Godzilla 2019 – High HP with heal, great DPS and ability to dash and land melee DPS.
  • Kamakura-San (Shin Gojira) – High HP regen with great ranged attack with decent melee DPS.
  • Nutcracker – An all-round Kaiju with tank, regen, and DPS, but bad against flying Kaiju.
  • Male Muto – Decent HP, decent DPS against land and flying Kaiju.
  • Muto Prime – High HP, great melee rusher with decent mid-range, has a chance against flying Kaiju.
  • Burning Gojira – High HP, decent DPS but takes own HP to deal damage.
  • Heisei King Ghidorah – Decent HP, good skill hitbox with low windup, but has a large hitbox himself.
  • Heisei Gojira – Skills are faster and can be abused.
  • U.S.S Argo – Decent HP, decent range while flying, but loses against higher tier flying Kaiju.
U.S.S Argo
  • Heisei Mothra – Decent damage against melee, but loses against higher tier flying Kaiju due to range.
  • Mechagodzilla 2021 – High HP, decent melee with dash with decent ranged attacks.
  • EVA-01 – Has spear-throwing skill, one of the best projectile skills, Berserk mode makes EVA nearly invincible, bad against flying Kaiju.
  • Showa King Ghidorah – Decent HP and speed, can cancel regen, and can fight both land and flying Kaijus, but loses in beam fights.
  • Godzilla 2021 – High HP, decent DPS and speed, with nearly no window to be countered.
  • Godzilla Minus One – Decent HP with regen, after rebalancing, will not be able to chain the Atomic Rain, strong beam.
  • Titanus Mosura – Decent HP with heal, small hitbox makes it hard to be hit, has decent chance against melee and flying Kaiju.
  • Turkey Rodan – Very fast flying Kaiju with decent combo with rather small sized body.
Turkey Rodan


  • Kamacuras – Decent HP, easy hit-and-run attacks, but has no ranged attack.
  • Ebirah – Great AoE damage followed by decent melee, but no speed.
  • Godzilla 2014 – Lower DPS but has knockback but no speed.
  • Titanus Scylla – Decent HP, has ranged skill, bad with melee.
  • Cleric Muto – Nerfed skills made using them takes up a lot of charges.
  • Final Wars Gojira – Decent HP, buff has made him more viable bnt still.
  • Cherno Alpha – High HP, decent melee DPS, but very slow.
  • Millennium Gojira – High damage reduction, but long windup beam windup, bad melee DPS.
  • Zombie Gigan – High HP, great beam that heals itself, speed, bad range.
  • Millennian Kaiju – Decent HP, speed, weak against melee rush.
  • Manda – Nerfed with lower HP.
  • Jet Jaguar Beta – Low HP with decent regen, easy to get hit.


  • Wendigo Crawler – Fast but poor melee range.
  • Skull Crawler – Fast but poor melee range.
Skull Crawler
  • Heisei/Fire Rodan – Nerf caused reduced range with poor energy regen.
  • Shinagawa-Kun – Low HP, solid beam damage (900) with decent melee.
  • Showa Kumonga – Low HP, but fast with ability to slow others.
  • Gabara – Great single-hit spam with stun capability, but horrible blind skill.
  • Singular Point Anguirus – Decent HP, solid damage, speed, and better melee hitboxes and beam damage, but long startup.
Singular Point Anguirus
  • Gojira – Everything from Godzilla Jr. but better damage and range, such as better beam damage, but still bad in long-range fights.
  • Kong 2017 – Decent HP, decent melee damage.
  • Female Muto – High HP, good DPS but no longer has HP regen.


  • Gezora – Low HP, only good in water, terrible on land.
  • Minilla Ex – Low HP, only good in water with heal, terrible on land.
  • Mother Longlegs – Low HP, slow attack speed makes her vulnerable in every situation.
  • Showa Jet Jaguar – Low HP, bad melee hitbox, low DPS.
  • Showa Minilla– Skills charge long, exposing her and low hitbox on her skill.
Showa Minilla
  • Showa Anguirus – High HP with speed, decent melee damage, but overall underperforms.
  • Kamata-Kun – Increased HP pool, but still underperforms.
  • Godzilla Jr. – High HP, but DPS and range makes it hard to play him.

And those are all the Kaijus rated in the tier list for Kaiju Universe in 2024. Share us your thoughts!

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