King Legacy: How to Get Sea Beast Race in Update 6

The new Sea Beast race has been released, so here’s how to get it!

King Legacy is one of the more popular One Piece games on Roblox, and as such, it has to keep rolling out updates in order to keep the playerbase’s attention. In the latest update to the game, they added quite a lot of new features, including a new race. In this guide, we will be showing you how to get the new Sea Beast race, which will require a bit of work and brainpower!

How to Get Sea Beast Update in Update 6

Update 6 added a whole bunch of content, including an entirely new island and a Blood Moon event, which we’ll talk about a little later as it also affects the Sea Beast acquisition method.

Basically, players in the third sea have the ability to unlock the new Sea Beast race granted that they have the required materials to attempt the puzzle that you will need to complete.

The Third Sea also requires you to be around level 4000 and is considered to be unfinished content as of now. However, you need to be there to unlock the Sea Beast race, so get to grinding if you don’t meet the level requirement!

King Legacy player talking to the Neptunian NPC

Preparing The Required Materials

Before you can get the Sea Beast race, you will need to gather 100 Sea Artifacts. These can randomly drop from various NPCs scattered throughout the Third Sea.

These typically drop in bundles of more than one, so you won’t need to kill exactly a hundred enemies to get this requirement. We recommend doing this on the first island of the third sea to make it easier.

King Legacy player obtaining sea artifacts from an NPC kill

Heading Over to The Shallow

Once you have gotten 100 Sea Artifacts (just check your inventory), head over to the dock and get yourself whichever ship you prefer to use. Skip this part if you have a devil fruit that can fly or lets you walk on water.

Head over to The Shallow island, which should be just directly in front of the starter island if that’s where you are coming from. Before you proceed, set your spawn first just in case something happens.

From here, make your way to the giant church-like structure. Go behind it and you will see a small graveyard. Behind this graveyard, you will see a giant sliding puzzle on the wall in the distance.

King Legacy player approaching the sea beast puzzle

Solving The Sliding Puzzle

The sliding puzzle on the wall is what you need to solve in order to get the Sea Beast race, but first, you must speak to Neptunian, who is just in front of it.

He will ask you for a one time payment of 100 Sea Artifacts before you can try to solve the puzzle. Click on “Accept” to give him your Sea Artifacts and open up the puzzle for yourself.

Just note that other players can see the puzzle being moved, and we are unsure what happens if more than one person tries to solve it as there is no indicator as to whether or not you are fully in control.

There is also a time limit of a few minutes to solve it, so you will definitely have to hurry. There is a leaderboard for the fastest solvers at the side, but this is not really important unless you want to compete with them.

We also are not entirely sure if you have to solve it yourself or if being near the puzzle in general as it is being completed by somebody else is good enough.

Because of this, it is heavily advised that you hop to a different server until you are alone, so that nobody can mess up the puzzle for you and you can freely take your time solving it.

As for solving the puzzle itself, we can’t really help you here as it is shuffled randomly. You will just have to figure out how to do the 4×4 sliding puzzle on your own. Just know that the image you need to form is clearly that of a Sea Beast.

Two King Legacy players trying to solve the sea beast puzzle

Shuffling The Puzzle

If, for any reason, you need to shuffle the puzzle once more, you can do this manually by speaking to Neptunian. He will tell you that you can attempt the test again for free.

Upon clicking on the “Puzzle” dialogue option, the sliding puzzle will reshuffle. This is great for when you are completely stumped and need a better starting point.

Also, the patch notes mentioned that the new Blood Moon event will automatically shuffle the puzzle whenever it happens. This is an event that happens every three nights in the third sea.

The Blood Moon event makes all of the enemies on the new island much stronger, though this has no bearing on the Sea Beast race acquisition aside from shuffling the puzzle. Keep track of the time whenever you plan on solving it to avoid getting scrambled!

King Legacy players trying to solve the sea beast puzzle

Not much is known about the Sea Beast race at the moment, though Neptunian briefly mentions that it will let you move through water quickly and also increase your life force regeneration rate.

As far as we can tell, it is basically just an improved version of Fishman v2, meaning it also negates swimming damage. This makes it great for those who would rather not use a boat, and it gives you another way of avoiding PVP.

That is everything you need to know when it comes to acquiring the new Sea Beast race in the game, as well as what it can do. If you are still far from the third sea, we recommend checking out our guide on how to obtain and awaken devil fruits in King Legacy to kickstart your grinding journey!


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