Last Call BBS: Da Wings Level Guide

Some very tasty wings to be sent to Gladiators!

Last Call BBS: Da Wings Level Guide

Getting to wire out some machines might sound like not much fun activity, but when combined with your friends or family around you it will become quite the puzzle and challenge. You will need to activate your brain and try all sorts of things to get your machinery working. Why go through all the effort though? Let us help you with how to pass the Da Wings level with ease.

Da Wings Level Guide – Last Call BBS

The buffalo wing was thought to lend its ‘’wings of victory’’ to gladiators in the arena. The more wings one could eat, it was said, the greater the chance one’s own team would win. This sometimes resulted in excessive consumption which meant a certain problem in the production area. That is why you are here to get this fixed through a couple of easy steps and start sending out some quality meat out again!

Just follow everything that you’ll see in the pictures down below and you will pass the level with ease. Keep an eye out on the numbers too as they are very important.

This might start out as looking very simple and easy, but you’ll quickly realize that this is not the case. You will need to make a whole plethora of things just because the product you’re dealing with is food. You will scan it, then check it out again, and plus some of them will need to go to the rubbish! 

Just follow the instructions in the picture above and you’ll pass it without a flaw. Good luck and have fun wiring!

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