Lost Light: How To Win Ranked Matches Guide

Start winning Ranked Matches after this guide!

Lost Light: How To Win Ranked Matches Guide

Ranked games are pretty much the biggest hype in the world of Lost Light. You will need to take everything with you. This means that all your skills, expertise, and experience will need to be sharpened before you start taking on these matches because you will be met with very experienced and veteran-like players. If you are having trouble with Ranked Matches this guide is just for you. Let’s see what you need to be doing,

How To Win Ranked Matches Guide – Lost Light

There are a couple of extremely helpful tips that will help you a lot with the gameplay, but we will be going over solve of the basics too for this guide. Follow them all and you will see a big raise in your Win / Lose Ratio.

Crouch Walking For The Win

Did you know that Crouch Walking is better than Stealth Walking? Stealth walking is when you are walking slowly and more silent with your character. You will be ready for no matter what will come up in front of you but at the same time, you are standing and easily spotted.

Crouch Walking on the other hand will not only hide you better(because you are lower and closer to the ground so even some obstacles will help you too) but also give you a speed boost too. This is why Crouch Walking is something that you should be practicing and maybe even forget about the Stealth Walking completely. This also makes your character much harder to hit, especially in the legs.

Shoot At The Legs Of Your Opponents

The Legs are all the meta in this period. You will need to shoot at the legs at your enemies but make sure that you are using the Lower Penetration Bullets for this. If using these same ones, try to avoid shooting at the Torso. 

Legs also do not provide any armor nor do they lower the damage output you might be dealing with. So just stay campy, load up your Lower Penetration Bullets and go for the legs! You’ll notice that your opponents might not be ready for this strategy too.

Single Fire Mode

Now, this of course depends on the situation you are dealing with. But lots of players, especially newer ones, don’t realize that accuracy is everything in this game. It doesn’t matter if you manage to load up your enemies with bullets. Just one or two headshots are enough.

For this to be more common, you will switch to the Single Fire Mode and then proceed to aim for the heads if you are in a 1v1 situation face to face. This will reduce your weapon’s recoil and improve the accuracy. Players from PUBG will know what we’re talking about.

Test Out Your Guns In The Shooting Range

No matter what tip we will give you at the end of the day it will be you who will need to defeat your opponents in a combat scenario and be the survivor and the winner at the end. So that means training is your best friend.

For this case, the Shooting Range is where you’ll need to be going, Whatever weapon it is that you’re using keep practicing it until it feels completely natural to you. You can spend hours upon hours just shooting at training dummies and working on your one taps, but it is going to be worth it. Every professional competitive player will highlight this tip too.

Check out what are the Meta Guns and keep trying them out.

Scan The Area First

The third Person is your best friend in these types of games. You will never want to be looking out of a window and searching for friends or foes. Simply place your face in the concrete wall and move your camera angles to where you can see enemies.

You don’t need to use your gun into a scoped mode to look for enemies because you will get shot. Just scan the area with your magical camera behind your back and then once you’re sure you can peak, go for it. This is what will get you to win lots of games.

You can also zoom in to the wall, and then peak to the right or left to where you have already spotted your enemy in 3rd person. This will work like a charm if you try it!

Grenades go Boom!

Grenades aren’t meant to be thrown just because you have them in your inventory. You will wait for the perfect timing and then toss them to blast your enemies into pieces.

This can mean that you will wait for that second-floor window moment, or someone hiding behind a tree or rock… literally anything that can move an opponent from their protective place. Also time your grenade so when it gets right next to your enemies it will blow them up without having a chance to run away.

Take Extra Gear

It is much better to take extra gear pieces with you instead of repairing them. So simply just pack a helmet or a chest piece with you in case it gets damaged. This is something that you should be practicing every match too.

That should be it! Keep following these basic tips and you will start winning every game! Good luck and happy hunting!

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