LR Sarutobi Guide in Anime World Tower Defense

A great character that can apply multiple debuffs to the enemies!

LR Sarutobi Guide in Anime World Tower Defense

Anime World Tower Defense (AWTD) is a Roblox Tower Defense game where you will be collecting many different anime heroes. You will then form a team with these heroes, creating the perfect team comp that helps you complete all of the in-game challenges and missions.

The game is always releasing new heroes that have many different abilities and effects. With the new LR Sarutobi character added in Anime World Tower Defense, we now have a leader buff for the ‘Old Age Fighter’ Category. In this guide, we will show you the LR Sarutobi character.

LR Sarutobi Guide

The LR Sarutobi Character in Anime Word Tower Defense is a ground unit that focuses primarily on AoE attacks that let you damage multiple enemies. If you are looking for a character that can clear groups of enemies easily, consider taking this character into battle.

He is also the leader of the ‘Old Age Fighters‘ category, meaning that you can pair him with other units of the same category for an extra damage boost. This is a new category in the game, so there aren’t so many units you can pair him with.


In the image below, you will be able to see the stats of Sarutobi. He is a character with decent damage, range, and speed that you can use. Sarutobi is the leader of the Old Age Fighter category, giving all characters of the same category a +120% ATK increase.

Here’s a list of all the categories Sarutobi’s in:

  • Ninja Warrior
  • Unyielding Spirit
  • Nature’s Fury
  • Old Age Fighter
  • Lightning Flash
  • Emperor
  • Hydro Force
  • Bright-Burning Hero
  • Chakra Master
  • Hero
Anime World Tower Defense LR Sarutobi Stats

LR Sarutobi Attacks

Base Attack & Wooden Strike

LR Sarutobi’s Base Attack is a Flame Circle AoE. With each attack, he will create explosions that the desired area, dealing damage to enemies. The enemies will also receive the Flame debuff effect.

After upgrading Sarutobi, you will unlock Wooden Strike. The circle AoE‘s range will still be the same and the damage will be enhanced. However, this time, he will be able to apply a stun effect to enemies in range.

Anime World Tower Defense Circle AoEs

Dragon Mud & Max Upgrade (Random)

His third upgrade milestone lets him unlock the Dragon Mud ability. His attacks will become a Straight Line AoE instead of a circle. During the attack, he will breathe fire at an enemy, dealing damage and slowing them.

At max upgrade, Sarutobi will become a Random Unit. This means that he will be applying multiple debuffs that are random. If enemies get hit with his Line AoE attack, they will have a chance to receive the following debuffs: Knockback, Paralysis (I & II), Slow, Stun, and Flame.

To boost his damage, you can pair him with many Support characters such as the Idol. These supports can boost his range, damage and attack speed for a higher damage output.

That’s all the information you will want to know about LR Sarutobi in this AWTD guide! Overall, this unit is a great debuffer that you can use to apply negative effects to enemies. He also does nice damage, making him a good character to have on any team comps, especially those with damage-over-time effects.

The newest Update 14 also has a lot for you to discover. Consider taking a look at this Update 14 Guide in Anime World Tower Defense, so you know about the newest features and banners. There are also new codes that you can use to redeem some extra rewards!


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