Mashle Academy: All Side Quest Location

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Mashle Academy is a Roblox game based off of the Mashle anime and manga franchise. In Mashle Academy, you are able to explore the world and do things like fight enemies, explore areas, and even do side quests.

The side quests in the game right now are pretty barebones, and there’s not a lot you can do with them. However, they are pretty good for grinding in the game, especially early in the game. In this guide, I will show you where you can find all of the side quests and their location in Mashle Academy.

All Side Quest Location

Mashle Academy is a pretty big game with a big map, so there’s so many things to do in the game. While the side quests are easy to find, there are a lot of things you need to learn about the game in order to do those side quests that much easier.

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Old Man Side Quest

The first side quest you can find in the game is a side quest from the Old Man NPC. This NPC can be found near the campfire in the town. Simply approach the Old Man and talk to him. He will ask for 50 gold, which you need to give in order to get the side quest.

Old Man NPC and his quest in Mashle Academy.

Potion Quest

The second quest you can find is not far from the Old Man quest. Across the Old Man, there will be a house that you can enter. Go inside the house.

Potion quest location in Mashle Academy.

Inside the house, enter the room to the left. There will be an NPC in the corner of the room. Talk to the NPC and you will get the Potion quest.

Potion quest NPC in Mashle Academy.

Rose Quest

The third quest can be found in the Wildwood Inn. Upon entering, look to your left and you will find a female NPC sitting by herself. Talk to the NPC to get the Rose quest.

Rose quest NPC in Mashle Academy.

Wasp Quest

For the last quest in the game, head to the desert and look for the large hive. This is the location of the final side quest.

Location of the hive in the desert in Mashle Academy.

Go inside the hive and you will find a lone NPC in the hive. Talk to the NPC and you will get the last side quest, the Wasp quest, which is also the best quest to use for grinding.

Wasp quest in Mashle Academy.

That’s all you need to know about all of the side quests in Mashle Academy. Did this guide help you find all of the side quests in the game? Let us know in the comments below.

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