Mashle Academy: How to Join & Create Guild

Don’t go adventuring out on your own!

Mashle Academy is a relatively new Roblox game based on a somewhat popular anime and manga series. Because of this, you may want to start grouping up with other people so you can work together to learn the ropes. In this quick guide, we’ll show you just how you can join or create a guild in the game!

How to Join & Create Guild

The creation or joining process is actually incredibly simple and is tied to the groups system of Roblox itself. Basically, you will first have to join (or create) your desired group in Roblox.

After that, you need to take note of the group’s ID. This is the number on the URL of the group itself on Roblox. Check the highlighted part of the image below to see exactly where it can be found (NOTE: This is just an example group, do not try to join it in-game)

Roblox official Mashle Academy group being used as an example to show group ID

Now, head over to the starting area, which is known as Wildwood Settlement. Near the center of the village is a building containing the Guild Lister NPC.

Once you find him in the second floor, simply speak with him and copy paste the group ID to officially join it in the game. By doing so, the group’s icon should now appear beside your name in the user list.

Mashle Academy player standing beside the guild lister npc

And that is everything you need to know when it comes to joining or creating a guild in Mashle Academy. Don’t forget to check out our beginner’s guide for Mashel Academy as well, especially if you just started playing the game!


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