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From the best to the worst!

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Swords and weapons are very essential in Master Pirates, and they are pretty much defining whether you’re strong or not. With that said, you’ll always want to equip yourself with the best weapons if you don’t want to end up as target practice for your opponents. Here’s a tier list I made to show you how all the weapons rank from best to worst right now.

All Swords Tier List

Here’s the weapons/swords tier list for the latest update of Master Pirates. A little heads up, I wasn’t able to provide images to place in the tier list for the newer weapons: Blazing Axe, Sword of the Sea, and Scissors. So, if you’re looking for them, just look further into the detailed section of the tier list to see where they’re ranked. Let’s jump into the tier list!

All Swords Tier List in Master Pirates Roblox
Is that a Christmas Tree?

S Tier

  • Triple Yoru – it’s a Robux and admin sword, it has to be a good weapon. It’s one of the most annoying weapons to go against in PvP, and extremely good in farming. That is if you’re willing to spend. Admittedly enough, it’s tempting as a must have so consider doing so if you want the best weapon in the game.
  • Yoru – it’s pretty much the same explanation from the Triple Yoru. Spend and buy at your own discretion.
  • Starlight – it’s no longer obtainable, however it’s one of the best swords in the game, especially for PvP.
  • Shisui – it can be upgraded into V2 by doing a certain quest, which rewards you with one of the strongest weapons in the game right now.
  • Blazing Axe – it’s also a new weapon, which deals decent damage and has a good moveset for both PvP and farming.
  • Sword of the Sea – it’s the only sword in the game right now that can be upgraded into 3 variants (Blue, Yellow and Red – ranked from weakest to strongest, respectively).
  • Scissors – it’s also one of the new weapons in the game. It’s a great sword that deals decent damage as well as its M1.

In case you’re interested, you may also want to check this guide on how to get the Scissors and Sword of the Sea for a bit.

A Tier

  • Poinsettia – it’s no longer obtainable, though it’s a great sword that deals decent damage.
  • Jingle Hammer – it’s also no longer obtainable but it’s a strong weapon when it comes to PvP and farming.
  • Spear of Darkness – a mythical sword; the moves are same as the Sharksword but the M1’s damage is definitely stronger than most weapons.

B Tier

  • Saberarguably the worst legendary weapon in the game. Though, it’s definitely better than all the weapons ranked below.
  • Soul Solid – one of the few swords that come with a puzzle mechanic, it’s a good weapon in general.
  • Pole – drops from Enel; it’s a great sword to have which comes very helpful when it comes to grinding.

C Tier

  • Mini Yoru – it’s better than all the weapons ranked below, especially with its M1’s damage.
  • Sharksword – a good weapon in general, which is good for both PvP and farming.
  • Jitte – it’s definitely underrated but it’s much stronger than the weapons ranked below. It’s a good weapon for beginners though it only has one AOE move.

D Tier

  • Katana – it’s the best basic weapon; it has two moves and deals more damage than the two other weapons.
  • Pipe – it’s pretty difficult to use especially for beginner’s while being a weak weapon.
  • Cutlass – pretty self-explanatory, it’s the most basic and first weapon in the game.

That sums it up for this Swords Tier List in Master Pirates. How did your weapon/s do in the tier list, were they S tier or somewhere in the middle? Let us know in the comments section below. Also, feel free to ask us if you have questions or concerns.

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