Misty Dungeon Freezing Trial – Genshin Impact

Ready to perma-freeze your enemies? Do so using this guide!

The Freezing Trial is the second part of the Misty Dungeon event. This event focuses on dealing more damage to enemies that are currently frozen. Use this guide to utilize the Freeze elemental reaction on your enemies!

Freezing Trial — Genshin Impact

What makes this trial unique is that when your enemies are currently frozen, they take more damage from your characters

Be sure to take Cryo and Hydro characters like Ayaka and Mona. Barbara can also work as your main healer. 

Whenever your enemies are frozen, they take 60/80/100/120% more damage

Activate the challenge to the north and defeat all the enemies.  Follow the red beam to your left and activate the first rune in the dungeon. 

After defeating all the enemies, head north and turn right after exiting the room. Follow the red beam on the left pathway. Defeat all 5 enemies and head to your right to activate the last rune. You need to defeat Hydro Mimics in this room. 

Activate the Control Array in the dungeon and jump down to start the Final Challenge

For the final challenge, you will need to defeat an Abyss Herald and 2 Hydro Mages. Use the Cryo element to destroy the shields of the Hydro mages. 

Freezing Trial Rewards

Below are the rewards you can get in completing the Freezing Trial event:

  • Complete the Freezing trial – 40 Primogems, 4 Hero’s Wit, and 4 Mystic Enhancement Ore. 
  • Freeze your enemies 20 times – 20 Primogems, 30,000 Mora, and 3 Guide to Diligence. 

Keep your enemies encased in ice to quickly finish this challenge!

Next up, the Windswept Trial!

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