MultiVersus: 10 New Events Leak & Rewards

Get an exclusive glimpse into the upcoming events!

Dataminers have been quick to go through the files in MultiVersus, and they’ve managed to leak 10 upcoming new events and their various rewards. Knowledge is power, or so they say. So, knowing what upcoming events await is a great way to help us plan our time with this game. This is especially true with events like the Power Pledge Drive. It rewarded us for leveling characters but didn’t retroactively count levels earned before the event started, for example. In this article, we’ll take a look at the known leaked events, their rewards, and give you all the details we know about them!

10 New Events Leak & Rewards | Upcoming MultiVersus Content

Multiversus Launch Trailer Promo Shot

Before we dive straight into the leak of 10 new events and their rewards, we want to shout out Shaggy_Leaks on X. They’re the main dataminer who provided the public with all the known info on these upcoming events!

Also, it’s worth noting that everything we know about thanks to the leaks is a work in progress. This means that dates and rewards are subject to change and there are not many actual details on what the events entail. Nonetheless, it’s a nice sneak peek into what the future holds for WB’s platform fighter! Just keep in mind that the info from leaks isn’t 100% set in stone.

With all that said, let’s go over what we know about all 10 leaked events and rewards!

Top Dog Challenge

Top Dog event official art

This one isn’t really a leak, as the event already shows as a small preview in-game, stating it starts on June 7th. However, the leak does add a bit more detail, saying that it will end on June 11th. It will also allow us to earn up to 6000 Perk Currency.

The leaked text also confirms that PvP will get a new leaderboard. Your guess is as good as ours, but this means that the event may coincide with the launch of Ranked PvP. Not much else is known, however…

That said, you should prepare yourself if you want to take on other players in Ranked PvP. Make sure to brush up on movement mechanics, in particular!

Team Batman V. Team The Joker

Team Batman vs Team The Joker official art

This event is planned to run from June 11th through June 20th. Similar to the Top Dog Challenge, this event also now appears in-game when viewing upcoming events. However, it’s worth noting that it was leaked long before it appeared in-game, which gives credibility to the leaks!

It will give us various missions, most likely in the form of dailies, which will give us some extra Battle Pass XP. Additionally, completing missions using t-shirt skins repping either team will allow you to earn up to 100 Gleamium. Plus, as shown from the in-game preview, we’ll be able to earn a Jason Mask skin for Black Adam.

The Rise of Jason

The Rise of Jason leaked art

According to the leaks, this event will run from June 18th through June 27th. It will allow us to complete various missions for extra Battle Pass EXP and will feature the Seaside Tom & Jerry skin as an unlock.

Seaside Tom & Jerry

There are very few details about this event, sadly. Nonetheless, you can expect it to be similar to the current “The Joker’s Ruse” event.

Second Character Mastery Event

Power Pledge Drive event as an example

This is planned to run from June 21st through June 27th. The datamining didn’t reveal much about it, but this event seems to be identical to the current “Power Pledge Drive” event. That means that you’ll get rewards from leveling up individual characters!

It’s a good idea to avoid leveling too many characters until the event starts, as the first few levels are much faster to get. Remember, character mastery becomes exponentially slower as your character levels up. Of course, though, you can always check out our guide on how to level up fast for more help.

MVSummer Throwdown

MVSummer Throwdown leaked art

Celebrate the summer in MultiVersus with the rewards from this event, which the leak states will run from June 25th through July 4th. It will, as usual, give us missions for extra Battle Pass EXP.

Shark Hat Harley Quinn

Additionally, you’ll be able to earn the Shark Hat variant for Harley Quinn.

Discovery Shark (Swag) Week

Discovery Shark (Swag) Week leaked art

Leading up to Discovery’s Shark Week, this event will run from June 28th through July 5th. If you log in during the event, you’ll get a box with random rewards which include shark hat skins for various characters.

Megalodog Reindog

It also seems that it will add a new shark skin for Reindog, known as Megalodog Reindog.

Attack of the Giant Megalodog!

Attack of the Giant Megalodog leaked art

Continuing with the Shark Week theme, this event will run from July 2nd through July 11th. There’s not much known about the event, but it will give out missions for extra Battle Pass EXP. It will also allow us to unlock the Matrix Code skin variant for LeBron James.

Matrix Code LeBron James

Seems rather random to give us Matrix Code LeBron here instead of the Megalodog Reindog skin, so we wouldn’t be shocked if these rewards were changed a bit for the official release.

The Age of Smith

The Age of Smith leaked art

This event is stated to run from July 9th through July 18th and will likely coincide with Agent Smith being added to the in-game store. It will add missions to earn extra Battle Pass EXP and will also reward us with a Matrix Code skin for the Iron Giant.

Matrix Code Iron Giant

Apparently, completing missions using Matrix skin variants will also give up to 300 Fighter Currency in rewards. This seems extremely low for the event, considering that most characters in MultiVersus cost 3000 Fighter Currency, so we hope the rewards are increased a bit on release.

Also, always remember that you can unlock Agent Smith himself early by completing Rifts!

Keep It Rollin’ Doc

Multiversus Launch Trailer Promo Shot

This small event will apparently run from July 16th through July 20th. It will simply give us free Battle Pass EXP when we log in during these 4 days. Nothing fancy, but we won’t complain about free EXP of any kind!

Wrap Up Season 1

Multiversus Launch Trailer Promo Shot

According to Shaggy_Leaks, this event is the one that is most clearly still under development. It’s stated to run on July 19th and July 20th only, which seems like a strangely short amount of time. Nonetheless, it’s guaranteed to coincide with the end of Season 1 in MultiVersus.

The event is planned to give us extra missions to earn Fighter Currency as well as the Circuit Crew skin variant for Jake the Dog. There are no images for this skin and it doesn’t seem to reference anything from Adventure Time, either. It’s a bit of a mystery, but guess we’ll have to wait and see what it looks like once it releases!

But, just like this event is set to wrap up Season 1 for MultiVersus, it also wraps up our article on the leak of all the new events and their rewards. For more official info on upcoming changes to the game, check out our article covering the announced major updates and changes.


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