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As much as Murim Cultivation sounds like it’s about farming, cultivation in this game actually refers to something entirely different. It refers to the way of becoming stronger with the means of Qi. If you’re new to the game or you simply want to learn how to get Qi more efficiently and faster, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, I will show you all the best methods to farm and get Qi fast. Let’s get into training and go up!

How To Get Qi Fast Guide

Basically, you’ll need to consider lots of things if you want to get Qi faster and more efficiently. To sum it up, you’ll need to get high aptitude, utilize cultivation zones, defeat lots of mobs, grind your cultivation mastery and more. If you’re interested and want more details, read further into the guide.

How to Get High Aptitude

One of the main things you’ll need to do is to get high aptitude, at least 25+. The reason why is because this will help you. In order to get your aptitude higher, you’ll need to do a lot of mob farming and grinding.

The mobs you’ll want to farm are bandits, giants, and treemen — you’ll need to defeat them over and over again until you get enough aptitude spins. Afterwards, you’ll want to use your spins to get to 25+ aptitude. For their locations, we unfortunately can’t provide a map for your convenience. Here’s the location of all the NPCs you’ll need to grind:

  • Bandits — go straight from the Starter Village and go right, you’ll get into the Bandit Village where these bad boys are located.
  • Giants — from the Bandit Village, go right until you reach a sandy area.
  • Treemen — we don’t have directions for this location specifically, but they are located in an area filled with lots of trees. Use that as a guide in finding these NPCs.
Aptitude in Murim Cultivation

In case, you’re not familiar with aptitude, it functions as a qi multiplier, determining the speed at which a cultivator progresses. A higher aptitude means faster cultivation, with a cultivator possessing an aptitude of 2 progressing twice as fast as one with an aptitude of 1. The aptitude scale ranges from 1 to 10, with 10 representing the highest level of aptitude achievable.

It’s important to note that aptitude alone does not act as an overall multiplier. Instead, it interacts with the zone multiplier. For example, if someone has an aptitude of 4 in an area with a zone multiplier of 2, the total qi multiplier would be 8x, effectively accelerating their cultivation progress eightfold.

Cultivation Zones

Speaking of zones, there are places in the game where you get a Qi multiplier through meditation, and they are called Cultivation Zones. They’re also called training zones and you can press “T” in order to see their locations. The amount of multiplier will depend on the location — here’s a list of all the locations as well as their corresponding multiplier:

  • Spawn House — 2x Qi Multiplier, it is located next to the spawn point.
  • Temple Area — 5x Qi Multiplier, required Peak.
  • Cave — 10 x Qi Multipler, requires, Qi Liquidation.

Cultivation Mastery

Aside from the other points mentioned, you’ll also want to pay attention to your Cultivation Mastery. It isn’t really usually prioritized but keep in mind that higher cultivation mastery means higher Qi gains. At least, 10-20 is good but reaching up to 50-100 will get you tons of Qi.

Get a Race with Qi Buff

It’s often overlooked but there are two specific races that give you a Qi Buff which stacks with the other multipliers and zones. However, the downside is that the chances of getting them is pretty low. If you want to get Qi faster, consider taking them as your race. Here’s the two races as well as their designated Qi buff and chance:

  • Dragon — 10% chance, 1.35 Qi buff
  • Elf — 5% chance, 1.3 Qi buff

Qi Pill

If you want to consider more methods, you can also use an item to gain Qi. The item is called Qi Pill which you can purchase from the Shady Man in the Cave for 100 silver or find it at one of the trinkets drop locations. The Qi Pill can be used to gain a +0.2 Qi multiplier for 2 minutes, which stacks with the other multipliers and zones.

Defeat The Heavenly Martial Master

Lastly, if you think you have what it takes, you can take on to the final boss of the game which is the Heavenly Martial Master. The boss can drop Qi which ranged from 75k-1M, which is a lot.

If you want to read more about Murim Cultivation, make sure to check out our Ultimate Murim Cultivation Wiki for everything you’ll need. It’s filled with valuable information like locations, weapons, NPCs and more!

So, that sums it up for this Murim Cultivation guide. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to mention them in the comments section below.

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