NBA 2K22: How To Get Free Galaxy Opal Demar Derozan In MyTeam

It’s time to get all those moments cards!

NBA 2K22 just released a new challenge for its players giving a free Galaxy Oal Demar DeRozan as a reward. But how do you get it? Take a look at this guide to get it and other moments cards available in the game!

How To Get Free Galaxy Opal Demar DeRozan—NBA 2K22

When you get to the menu of NBA 2K22, you will see that there is a new Lifetime Agenda that will reward you with Demar DeRozan. This agenda is the Moments of the Month agenda and there are a total of 25 challenges to complete.

Because there are 25 challenges in total, you want to try clearing up as much as you can for each run. Clearing up all the challenges can take a long time. For example, try clearing out the Clutch time and 250 points in the Single-player mode before moving to multiplayer.

Keep in mind that the challenges for Jaylen Nowell can only be completed in multiplayer games. When it comes to grinding up for the Diamond packs, you want to start off with Robert Williams’ triple-double first because it can take time.

On the pink diamond tier, the hardest challenges would be Robinson’s BLK and REB as wellas Diallo’s PTS and REB challenge. Try completing that first before proceeding to the other pink diamond challenges.

For the last tier, you can try doing both the Oubre Jr. 3’s and Reb challenge along with the Jaylen Brown challenge. Completing each challenge in the Moments of the Month will give different tier option packs for your collection.

Once you complete all the 25 challenges, you will get a free Demar DeRozan!

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