Need More Chaos: Complete Guide & All Endings

If there is a will, there is a way!

We are back with another Need More game, and this one is as entertaining as the other ones! Need More Chaos is a Roblox game where you need to create as much chaos as you can to get rid of going to school. Do you have what it takes to skip school on Monday? Or are you going to accept your fate and be a good kid for your parents? Let’s see what kind of endings are waiting for you in this game.

Complete Guide

The game begins with our character waking up and realizing that it is Monday. Like almost every child in the world, he does not want to go to school either. However, the old I’m sick lie is not suitable for his situation, and he cannot repeat the actions of the kid in Need More Heat. Thus, he decides that he needs to show his grandma that he is not fit for school.

Waking up on a monday morning in Need More Chaos.

Go Talk to Grandma

Your first objective is to talk with your grandma. Leave your room and go to the end of the hall; her room will be the one on your right.

Kid walking to her Grandma's room in Need More Chaos.

After you ask your grandma if it is okay to skip school for the day, she is obviously not going to let you do that. Well, Grandma, you are going to regret this!

Deciding on going extreme in Need More Chaos.

Stick a Fork into the Toaster

If your grandma is not letting you stay at home, and it is too late to act like you are sick, what can you do? Yes! You need to convince her that you are so troubled that you cannot go to school!

Your first objective is to stick a fork into the toaster to show how much of a bad person you are. Leave grandma’s room and head to the kitchen. Then, do what you have to do!

Sticking a fork into the toaster to create chaos in Need More Chaos.

After that, go back and ask your grandma if she’s seen what you’ve done. Unfortunately, she is not going to take you too seriously and tell you to go get ready.

Grandma rejecting the kid in Need More Chaos.

Trample Grandma’s Garden

It looks like Grandma needs more clues to see that you are a crazy kid! Your next move will be trampling her garden; let’s see what she is going to do about that.

Trampling grandma's lovely farm in Need More Chaos.

Go outside to find your grandma’s lovely farm… Which will not be lovely at all in a couple of seconds. That’s right, trample it and DANCE while those carrots burn!

Burning the carrots down in Need More Chaos.

Go back and check in with your grandma. Surprisingly, she does not care much about her garden and tells you to go get ready again! Ugh, it looks like you need to create even more chaos.

Grandma saying that you should go get ready for school in Need More Chaos.

Burn Grandma’s Knits & Throw Her Pillows

Trampling carrots is not enough; you need to burn all of her hard work to skip school! Find the knits behind her and burn them. Then, go to her bed and throw her pillows to the ground.

Burning knits and throwing pillows in Need More Chaos.

Turn the TV & Radio Loud

Alright, what is something that old people hate? You are right, loud noises! Go and turn up the volume on the television. That will show her that you are a menace to society.

And please take a minute to appreciate the kitty picture on the television because it looks very cute.

Cute kitty picture on the television in Need More Chaos.

After turning up the volume on the television, turn on the radio as well. After that, go back to your grandma.

Making loud noises to annoy grandma in Need More Chaos.

Break Every Painting and Light Them on Fire

It seems like your grandma has some hearing issues and does not care about the noise at all. Well, what is she going to do when you harm her precious paintings around the house? Let’s see.

Locate and break nine paintings all around the house.

  • Grandma’s Room: There are four paintings; three of them are on the wall behind your grandma. And the other one is by the bed.
  • Living Room: Four paintings. Leave the room and turn left to see a guy’s picture. The other three are on the walls.
  • Your Room: One silly cat painting.
Burning the silly cat picture in Need More Chaos.

Take Grandma’s Wig

There is literally a painting burning right next to her, but your grandma still does not care about it at all. Well, take off her wig and see what she is going to do!

Taking off the grandma's wig in Need More Chaos.

Hide the Wig in the Garage

Run to the garage and hide her wig there. The garage door is located right next to the dog picture you burned earlier.

Hiding the wig in the garage.

Short Circuit the House

Now, go to her room and start turning the light off and on. Do this until you create a short circuit and the electricity is gone.

Character creating a short circuit in Need More Chaos.

Break and Burn Every Window

Your chaos meter is 29%, and it means that you still have a long way to go. That is no problem for a troubled kid like you. Time to burn and break every window in the house! Find all nine of them all around the house.

Breaking and burning windows in Need More Chaos.

Grandma will say that you are going to burn the whole place down. Yeah, you should not be that bad! Let’s try something else.

Grandma screaming at you in Need More Chaos.

Flood the Bathroom

Go to the bathroom and fill up the bathtub to flood the house. Your grandma does not have to worry about the fire now.

Filling the bathtub in Need More Chaos.

Light the Babies on Fire

Your grandma does not appreciate that you stopped the house from burning down. Well, it is time to go back to burning things, then. This time, you will create chaos for sure. Go to the crib next to your grandma and burn the babies!

Lighting babies in Need More Chaos.

Bring a Beehive to Grandma’s Room

Even committing a literal crime does not let you get off the hook? It’s time to annoy her even more, then. Go outside, get a beehive from the tree, and bring it back to your grandma as a gift 🙂

Getting a beehive as a gift to grandma in Need More Chaos.

Call a Construction Company

Well, you know what, grandma? You do not appreciate anything I do and still want me to go to the school? Things are going to go down now! Call the construction company to bulldoze the house down, that will teach her a lesson.

You can find the phone right next to the door of the bathroom.

Bulldozing the house in Need More Chaos.

Spawn the Invisible Car & Drive to the Tunnel

The house is gone, but school is still out there somewhere. You know what, skipping school for one day is not enough. You should burn the world to get rid of the school forever!!!

Spawn the invisible car by pressing the E key, and get in kid. We are going to burn the world down. Drive the car to the tunnel once you get in.

Character spawning the invisible car in Need More Chaos.

Launch World Ending Nuke…

Luckily, there is a nuke center right next to your house! You are one lucky kid. Time to launch it to end the world forever.

Nuking the world in Need More Chaos.

All Endings

There are three endings you can get in the game right now. These are Good Ending, Bad Ending, and Liar’s Ending.

Good Ending

Once you follow all the steps we provided above and send the world-ending nuke to the earth, you will get rid of going to school. Just like that, you will reach 900000100% chaos points and you will get a good ending in the game.

Good Ending in Need More Chaos.

Bad Ending

When you are burning the paintings down in the house, the school bus will come in front of your house. If you want to be a boring kid who just accepts his fate, go to the bus and get in to get a bad ending.

Why would anyone want to go to school, if there is a big event like Ariana Grande performing a show? Well, it’s your choice though.

Bad Ending in Need More Chaos.

Liar’s Ending

If you think that your grandma is extremely annoying for not letting you stay at home, you are going to love this ending. After burning the babies, go to the phone and call 911. Inform them that your grandma just burned babies! What a cruel woman.

Calling 911 on granmda in Need More Chaos.

The swat team will arrive very soon and arrest your grandma. This way, you are going to get the Liar’s Ending.

If you feel sad for her, remember that she actually did not do to put out the flames either. Grandma was acting very sus about all the fire too!

Liar's Ending in Need More Chaos.

Kidnapped Ending

Shoutout to RR Reey on the comments for this one! There’s a new Kidnapped Ending, and here are the steps to get it:

  1. Reach the moment when you’re supposed to spawn the car.
  2. Spawn the car, but take a different route by walking through the tunnel.
  3. Engage in a conversation with the hatted man inside the tunnel and follow the game’s instructions for a thrilling new conclusion!

These are all the endings you can get in Need More Chaos. We actually can confirm that this kid in this game is the craziest one among all the other need more games. Also, if you’re interested in looking at more Weird Strict & Need More games in Roblox, make sure to check out our collection as well. It includes all the available endings, mechanics and other useful information.


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  1. Guys! Theres a new ending! Kidnapped ending! Just follow these steps to get it.

    Get to the point where you are supposed to spawn the car. Spawn the car, but instead walk through the tunnel. Then talk to the hatted man in the tunnel and do what the game says.

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