Need More Cold: Nightmare Mode Complete Guide & Ending

You have to keep moving, or else!

Need More Cold has updated once more, which means even more content than before. This time, players can try out the new Nightmare Mode that can be played in multiplayer.

In this brand new game mode, you need to do similar tasks to what you would have done in a normal playthrough of Need More Cold. However, there’s a twist, which we’ll be explaining to you shortly.

Nightmare Mode Complete Guide & Ending

In Nightmare Mode, players will have to do the exact same steps that you would take to do the regular good ending. The main difference is that you will randomly get moments where your mom goes crazy.

Basically, whenever you get your temperature checked, there is a chance that your mom’s character model changes to have one eye. This means that she will try to kill you.

Need More Cold mom character model with one eye

Whenever this happens, you have a couple of seconds to run away as fast as you can. While you still have to do objective, you have to make sure that mom doesn’t touch you.

If she does catch up to you, the game will immediately give you a bad ending as your character drops dead on the ground.

Need More Cold doing objectives while mom chases you

One easy tip to kite her away from you as you do objectives is to run to your room immediately after her chase sequence stars.

From there, jump out the window and circle back into the house to do your tasks. This will give you enough time to run around without getting caught.

Eventually, you will get the base game’s good ending once you have finished all of the objectives. The only difference is that the game will acknowledge that you have indeed completed the Nightmare Mode.

Need More Cold nightmare mode ending achieved

And that is pretty much everything you need to know when it comes to this new game mode. It is basically the basic good ending, but with a slight horror twist that will keep you on your toes.

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