Need More Devs: Complete Guide & How To Get All Endings

100K views here we go!

In Need More Devs, you are a game developer who just needs more people to help you make your game better and more popular. In order to do this, you need to kidn… You are going to need to reach out to some game developers for assistance! Let’s see what you can do to find more developers and how to reach all the endings in the game!

Complete Guide & How To Get All Endings

At the beginning of the game, you wake up, and you are very excited to check if your game has reached 100K visits. But, unfortunately, your game is flopping really hard, and you need to find developers to help you out as soon as possible!

Need More Devs the beginning.

Find a Dev in Your Neighborhood

Of course, the best place to find more developers is in your neighborhood. Let’s go outside and find one right now. Turn around and find the red door to go outside. Luckily, there is one developer named Nero hanging just outside your house.

Turn right, and you are going to see an exclamation mark. This will show you the location of the dev, walk towards it to find him.

Finding a developer in Need More Devs.

You are going to offer 1K Robux to the developer, but that does not work for him. But no one can say no to free chicken. After offering him some chicken, he is going to accept to work for you.

Then, you will say that he should go to your house and enter your basement… No need to worry; it is completely normal; every developer does that!

Promising 1K Robuc and kitchen to dev  in Need More Devs.

Check Your Game

Now that you have found yourself a new developer, go and check if your game is doing better. Go back in the house and turn left to find your Very Epik Room. Then, check the computer to complete the objective.

Checking your game in Need More Devs.

Put Up Billboards Outside

Well, we wish having one developer would be enough for your game to get more popular, but that is not the case. You are going to need to sponsor your game now. Go outside and start putting billboards outside. You will need to put up four billboards in total.

You are going to see exclamation marks that will show you where to go outside. There will be two on the right side of the house and two on the left.

Putting up ads in Need More Devs.

Hire More Devs

Once you put up the ads, you can go back to your Epik room and check your game again. However, it is still not good enough, and it only has 69 visits. Since your game is extremely good, it must be Nero’s fault!

But you are a good person 🙂 and you are not going to lose against your intrusive thoughts… Just go outside and try to find more devs.

Checking out your views in Need More Devs.

Once again, you are going to find a new developer hanging outside. This one is having a little picnic with her hamster. It is going to be easier to convince her; just scream at her for a little while, offer her Robux, and it is done.

Convincing the dev with the hamster in Need More Devs.

Go to Roblox Headquarters

The new developer you found gained your game 256 visits. But it is still not enough after everything you have done! You are fed up already and have decided to give Roblox headquarters a visit.

Roblox headquarters are located just outside your home. It explains why so many developers are hanging around the streets.

Heading to Roblox headquarters in Need More Devs.

Inside, you are going to beg Roblox to make your game more popular. Since you are very good at convincing people, he will eventually agree.

Asking Roblox to get your game popular in Need More Devs.

Go to the Radio in the Living Room

Roblox made your game popular, but it still does not have 100K visits. There are still a couple of things you can try, one of which is using the radio to advertise your game.

Head to the living room to find the radio. After you interact with it, you will play an advertisement for your game.

Radio broadcasting in Need More Devs.

Get Help From NASA

Now your game has 7K views in total. Your goal is to get 100K views in one day, and you are determined to achieve it, my friend. Your next move is going to be asking for help from NASA.

Luckily, you have a NASA teleporter in the middle of your living room. You definitely have a lot of weird things in your house…

Nasa teleporter in Need More Devs.

Use the teleporter, and you are going to find yourself on the NASA ship. Then, you are simply going to ask the NASA worker to put your game on a satellite. Pretty easy.

Nasa ship in Need More Devs.

How To Get All Endings

There are two endings you can get in Need More Devs. One is the good ending, and the other is the reported ending. Let’s see what you need to do to get each.

Good Ending

After putting your game on the satellite, it will finally reach 50K views. It is pretty awesome, but, as you might already guess, it is still not enough. You need to reach 100K views!

Your next solution is teleporting to Mars to ask aliens to help you with your game. Once again, you already have a Mars teleporter in your kitchen. Go ahead and interact with it.

Connecting with aliens in Need More Devs.

When you are back, you are going to see that your game finally has 100K views! You made it! Your convincing skills finally made you popular. Just like this, you are going to get a good ending.

Good ending in Need More Devs.

Reported Ending

Okay, remember that you were acting like really weird when you were trying to find developers to work for you? Yeah, in this ending, there will be a consequence of that.

After asking the first developer to join your team, go back to your house and go to the basement. There, you are going to see Nero.

Checking out the basement in Need More Devs.

However, Nero is pretty pissed off since you did not pay him the 1K Robux, nor did you give him the chicken you promised. After you tell him that you are not going to do any of those, he will call the police on you.

Dev calling the police in Need More Devs.

The police will arrive in 13 seconds and arrest you for being a scammer. You will be sentenced to spend one day in prison. This way, you are going to get the reported ending, and will not be able to achieve your goals…

Reported ending in Need More Devs.

This is how you are going to complete the game and get all the endings in Need More Devs. Also, if you’re interested in looking at more Weird Strict & Need More games in Roblox, make sure to check out our collection as well. It includes all the available endings, mechanics and other useful information.


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