Need More IQ: Complete Guide & How To Get Ending

You’ll be the smartest!

It is the final day to enroll in university. Despite your laziness and lack of study habits, everything changed when you woke up this morning. In Need More IQ, you will try to persuade your father to let you go to university. However, since your father is very smart, it is not going to be easy for you to do that. Let’s see how to get an ending in the game!

Complete Guide & How To Get Ending

In this game, you take on the role of a kid who is not very smart. However, you just woke up and decided to go to university. One small problem is that your father is like the smartest person in the world, and he does not let you go.

Perhaps he is the grown-up version of the kid in Need More Smart, we do not know. However, apparently, he is the inventor of IQ Meter 2000, and you need to get a good score on it to prove yourself.

Waking up in Need More IQ

Go Talk to Your Dad

First, start by leaving your room and finding your dad. His room is located just across from yours, so it is pretty easy to find. Once you find your father, you are going to ask him to use his IQ Meter 2000 on you. Unfortunately, your IQ is only 10, and it is certainly not enough.

Asking your father to use IQ Meter in Need More IQ

Do Homework in Your Room

The first thing you can do to make yourself smarter is to finish your homework. Go back to your room, and you are going to see it lying on your study desk next to your bed. After you did that, go back to your dad to ask him to check your IQ once more.

Doing homework in Need More IQ

Change Your Posters

Of course, doing your homework is not enough to become the smartest person in the world. Your next move is going to be changing the posters in your room to smarter ones. Go to your room and interact with each poster. Looking at smart people should definitely make you smarter, right?

Changing posters in Need More IQ

Open Windows

Unfortunately, changing the posters did not do the trick either. You should get some oxygen in your lungs to get that brain working. Go back to your room and open all the windows there. There are two windows you need to open, one on the left and the other on the right.

Opening windows in Need More IQ

Eat Breakfast & Wash Your Face

Your brain needs some fuel to work. Thus, go to the living room and eat your bowl of cereal to get it working. After that, go to the bathroom and wash your face too.

Washing your face in Need More IQ

Buy Glasses

It is time to try something different. The first step to being smart is to look smarter. Everybody knows that people with glasses are super smart, so you are going to need one too.

Leave the house by using the front door, and you will see the Epic Glasses stand on your right. Simply interact with the glasses to purchase and wear one.

Purchasing glasses in Need More IQ

Read Dad’s Newspaper

You need to show your father that these new glasses are indeed working! In order to do that, go to the living room and interact with the newspaper on the coffee table. After reading the newspaper, go back to check in with your dad.

Reading newspaper in Need More IQ

Touch Chemicals

It is very surprising that even purchasing glasses and newspapers did not do the trick. But do not worry too much about it; you still have a couple of options to make yourself smarter. You are going to get into that university!

Now, open the closet in your father’s room, and there you will see some chemicals casually lying inside. Give them a little touch to see if they are the cause of your father being so smart.

Chemicals in Need More IQ

Drink the Magic Juice

Chemicals have already made you a lot smarter, so maybe you should keep trying those different options. It is time to go back to the kitchen and drink the weird-looking, mysterious magic juice. Go and drink it, and it will give you some IQ points.

Drinking the mystery juice in Need More IQ

Eat Broccoli

Let’s stick with consuming things that make you smarter. Now, you should get yourself some broccoli and hope that it works for you. The broccoli stand is right next to the Epic Glasses one outside. Once again, just go and interact with the broccoli to get one.

After that, go back to the kitchen and put the broccoli on the stove to cook it. Then, you are going to eat it.

Cooking broccoli in Need More IQ

Encrypt Modem

You are pretty smart now, but it is still not enough for your dad. We feel like you are starting to get a little desperate, but it is okay. Go back to your room to encrypt the modem and hack NASA. If you can do that, you can enroll in a university too, right?

Hacking NASA in Need More IQ

Touch the Car Engine

Your next move will be touching the car engine. Go to the garage to locate your father’s car. We do not think this is a good idea, but here you go. Interact with the car to touch it, and then go back to your father’s room.

Touching car engine in Need More IQ

Read Dad’s Secret Magazines

Since your father is the smartest person you know, you should find the roots of his incredible IQ. There are some secret magazines lying under his bed. Give them a look and see if they are going to make you smarter.

Mysterious magazines in Need More IQ

Invoke David Baszucki

Alright, that is enough! Does your father think he is the smartest person in the world? Well, he is wrong! Everybody knows that David Baszucki, CEO of Roblox, is the smartest!

Go to the backyard and you are going to see a huge poster of him hanging on the wall. Interact with it, and you are going to invoke him. Then, ask him to give you some IQ.

Invoking David in Need More IQ

Getting An Ending in Need More IQ

Need More IQ is not fully finished yet. Therefore, there is only one ending you can achieve at the moment. This ending is the Good Ending…? Let’s see how you are going to get that.

Good Ending..?

After talking to David Baszucki, he is going to bestow you with enough IQ to make you super smart. Then, you can go back to your dad, and he will finally see that your IQ surpassed his.

You can now hop onto the bus and go to the university right away! Leave the house, and you will see the bus stop to the left of the Epic Glasses stand.

Bus stop in Need More IQ

Unfortunately, they will tell you that you are now too smart for university. Maybe asking David Baszucki was a little too much…

Just like this, you are going to get a good ending..? And you will not be able to become a university student…

Good Ending in Need More IQ

This is how you are going to complete Need More IQ, and get an ending in the game. As we mentioned, this game is not finished yet.

Thus, there might be other endings added to the game in the future. Also, if you’re interested in looking at more Weird Strict & Need More games in Roblox, make sure to check out our collection as well. It includes all the available endings, mechanics and other useful information.


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