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You need to get more milk, but how?

Need More Milk is yet another Roblox experience that is following the trend of games where you have to keep getting more and more of a certain thing for one of your relatives.

In this game, you have to go and get milk for your son, who has disappointed you for some reason. This is an incredibly short game, but there are a bunch of endings for you to discover!

All 7 Endings Complete Guide | Roblox

At the start of the game, your first objective will be to check where the sound is coming from. Simply go out of your room and enter the one right across it.

Upon entering the room, your character will be incredibly angry at his son for some reason, and he’ll exclaim that he needs to find more milk.

Need More Milk timmy's room

Next, go to the kitchen and grab your coffee from the microwave. After that, you must sit in front of the table and wait a few seconds to drink it.

After drinking the cup of coffee, your character will stand up and you’ll get your next objective, which will be to turn off the lights by interacting with the power generator in the backyard.

Simply step outside of the house and walk all the way to the back. There, you’ll find the generator that you have to click on in order to get your next objective.

Need More Milk power generator switch

Good Ending (Sad)

After turning off the power generator, you can go ahead and leave the town to get your first good-ish ending.

Just walk to the front of the house and keep following the road forward. Walk right into the tunnel where the sign saying “Leaving Noobz Town” is pointing.

Need More Milk tunnel to leave town

Eventually, you will run into a tombstone with a rose on the ground, and your character will be crying. Interact with the rose to get what is supposedly a Good Ending, wherein you return home.

Need More Milk tombstone

Fatal Ending

For this ending, just follow the same steps up until you shut off the power generator. Once the power has been cut, return inside the house.

Once inside, go to your son’s room and your character will notice that little Timmy is acting a bit strange. After that, you’ll be teleported into a red room where Timmy will eventually killyou.

Need More Milk fatal ending

Other Supposedly Good Ending

To get what is supposedly another Good Ending, follow the same steps up until you turn off the power generator. After that, walk on over to the milk vendor right beside the tunnel leading out of town.

Need More Milk milk vendor

Since you cannot afford to buy any of his milk, your next option will be to run to the right and speak to the raccoon sitting on the throne.

He will then teleport you to the so-called milk god, where you will have all of the absolute best milk that you can get. This is apparently also a Good Ending.

Need More Milk raccoon

Har Har Ending

For this one, after the part where you check where the sound is coming from, walk straight to the living room and interact with the object right beside the television.

Upon interacting with this object, you will get a game over screen with the text “Har Har”, as well as a short voice line that sounds like it’s making fun of you.

Need More Milk mysterious object

Mario Ending

For the Mario Ending, after shutting off the power generator, walk over to the green tunnel to the left of the milk vendor. Walk right past the sign saying “Forest Way” and keep going forward.

Need More Milk forest way tunnel

At the end of this path, you’ll find a green pipe that you can jump into. This will teleport you to a new location where you have to climb the tower. Upon reaching the top, you will get the Mario Ending.

Need More Milk mario world

Rock Ending

To get this one, follow the usual steps in the other ending up until the part where you have to shut off the power generator.

Instead of doing that, talk to the Cool Rock right beside the lamp post that is near the power generator switch. It will tell you that you can get another ending by flushing the toilet.

With this knowledge, you can go back to the house and enter the bathroom just between your room and Timmy’s room. Flush the toilet to get an ending.

Need More Milk cool rock

Among Us Ending

Finally, for this secret ending, you don’t even have to check where the sound is coming from. Once the game starts, simply head to the bathroom and interact with the little Among Us character in the corner.

Need More Milk among us character

And that is pretty much it for all the endings in Need More Milk! It is incredibly short and absolutely silly, so if you have the time, go and spend a few minutes on this game to get all the endings and the badges that come with them!

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