Need More Playtime: Complete Guide & How to Get the Good Ending

What does it take to convince her to let you play some more?

Need More Playtime is the next addition to the genre of games where you have to convince an incredibly strict relative to let you do something. In this experience, your favorite game finally got a new update, but you have to convince your mom to get you more playtime first. Here is how to complete the game!

Complete Guide & How to Get All Endings

As of writing this, the game is still fairly new and only has one ending that we know of, which is the supposed “Good Ending. It is a fairly straightforward game, so we’ll go through the steps as fast as possible.

Intro Sequence

At the start of the game, the school bus will drop you off at home. Walk up to your house and go to your bedroom, which is at the end of the hallway to the left.

Once inside, turn to the left and interact with the wardrobe to take off your backpack, which is your very first objective.

Need More Playtime player character entering their room and interacting with wardrobe

Next, you will have to take a bath. The bathroom is through the next door to your right after leaving the bedroom. Go inside and interact with the bathtub to get this objective done.

After that step, return to your bedroom and interact with the wardrobe once more to put on some pajamas. Finally, turn on your computer, which is on the desk right behind you.

This will trigger a cutscene, in which your mother wakes up and scolds you for not doing your chores first. Here’s where the real game begins!

Need More Playtime player character sitting in front of the computer

Taking Out the Trash

There’s a total of 4 Trash Piles that you must collect, here’s a detailed walkthrough on where to their locations.

Trash Pile #1

The first one will be in your parents’ room, directly in front of yours. The pile of rubbish is sitting beside her wardrobe. You have to bring it to the garbage can outside the front door, and you must do this with each trash bag.

Need More Playtime garbage pile inside your parents' room

Trash Pile #2

The second pile is directly in front of you as soon as you re-enter through the front door. Go ahead and pick it up and throw it outside.

Need More Playtime garbage pile in the center of the whole house

Trash Pile #3

The next one is inside the garage. You can go in through the house, but you can get there just as fast by simply turning to the left after throwing the previous bag outside.

Need More Playtime garbage pile inside the garage

Trash Pile #4

The fourth and last garbage pile is inside the bathroom, right between the bathtub and toilet. You probably already spotted this as you were taking a bath earlier.

Need More Playtime garbage pile inside the bathroom

“Making” a Cup of Water

After throwing all of the trash away and speaking with mom once more, she will ask you to get her a cup of water. We’re going above and beyond here by simply taking the cup of coffee on the couch.

Giving this to your mother will get you a badge, which will be great if you love collecting achievements. Unfortunately, this won’t be enough to satisfy her.

Need More Playtime coffee cup location right on top of the couch

Unclogging the Toilet

The toilet at your house has apparently been clogged for days, and it’s baffling how the smell didn’t bother anyone! Pick up the plunger beside the toilet and use it to unclog the thing.

After doing this task, your mom will think long and hard about whether or not she will let you play now. Spoiler alert: she wants you to do something else first.

Need More Playtime plunger location inside the bathroom

Mopping the Floors

Go to the bathroom and pick up the mop just beside the sink. Use this to mop the puddles of water all around the house. The first one is right inside the bathroom, and the second is just outside the door.

Need More Playtime mop location and cleaning up one of the puddles in the house

After the first two puddles, go over to the living room, garage, and finally, your parents’ room to clean up the rest of them. Nice and easy.

Need More Playtime cleaning up one of the puddles in the house

Cooking Her Dinner

Your mother thinks that you should do something a little more challenging. This time, you have to cook her dinner by going to the kitchen.

Interact with the fridge to grab a cold burger and then use it on the stove to start cooking. It’s a strange way of preparing a pre-made burger, but just roll with it.

Once the fire is gone, pick up the burger and put it on the plate that’s right on top of the kitchen counter, beside the sink. Bring this over to mother for your next task.

Need More Playtime cooking a burger on the stove

Refueling the Car + Ending

Next up, she will ask you to refuel the car in the garage. Go over to the garage and pick up the gas can on the ground and use it on the car.

Need More Playtime using the gas can on the car

And that’s your last task! Unfortunately, it’s already too late, and your mom will tell you to go to bed. Your character will then crawl under the bed and whip out a rocket launcher!

After that short cutscene, the game will tell you that you apparently got the “good” ending, and that is it for Need More Playtime! More endings may be added in the future. Also, if you’re interested in looking at more Weird Strict & Need More games in Roblox, make sure to check out our collection as well. It includes all the available endings, mechanics and other useful information.


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