Need More Smart: New It’s Over 9000 Ending Guide

Oh no! You are too powerful now…

Need More Smart is a game about a kid desperately wanting to go to college, just like all of his friends. However, this guy is a little bit… dumb. Therefore, he needs to get his intelligence so high that his mother agrees to send him to college. There were only two endings in the game, but now a new one has been added with the latest update. Let’s see how to get the new It’s Over 9000 Ending in Need More Smart!

It’s Over 9000 Ending

In order to get this new ending, you only need to do one simple thing. First, complete every step until you need to go back to your room and do dumbbell curls. We already have a complete guide on how to complete each objective in Need More Smart. Feel free to check that guide out.

Picking up the dumbbell in Need More Smart.

When you need to do dumbbell curls, go to your room and pick up a dumbbell. But you are not going to curl it. Instead, go to the middle of the room where you meditated earlier.

Press E to meditate with the dumbbell in your hand. Doing this will repeat the meditating action once more, and you are going to get the new It’s Over 9000 Ending.

Meditating with the dumbbell in Need More Smart.

This is simply how you are going to get the new ending in Need More Smart. Doing this will make you so smart that the earth is not going to be able to hold you anymore. Finally, the earth will explode and disappear from existence. Who would have known that all you needed to do was meditate with a dumbbell?

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