Need More Time: Complete Guide & How To Get All Endings

You need to be quick!

This time, you are a kid who really wants to finish his essay in Need More Time. However, your father wants you to help with the chores. This is the biggest essay of your life, and your whole grade depends on it. Will you be able to give yourself more time and finish it? Or are you going to throw your education in the trash? Let’s see what you need to do to achieve all the endings in Need More Time!

Complete Guide & How To Get All Endings

At the beginning of the game, you are going to come back from school. Already stressed enough about the important essay you need to finish by tomorrow, your father will ask you to help him around the house. As a good kid, you cannot disobey your father, and you should try to finish everything he wants so that he lets you write your essay.

Need More Tİme beginning of the game.

Do the Laundry

Your first objective is to do the laundry. In order to do it, go to the bathroom and pick up the laundry basket from the ground. After that, go towards the living room. On your left, you are going to see the washing machine. Once you put the laundry inside, the objective will be done.

Picking up the laundry basket in Need More Time.

Washing machine in Need More Time.

Wash Up the Plates

Your father still insists you keep doing chores! You should be as fast as you can, or else you will not have time to finish your essay! Go to the kitchen right away and start washing up the plates.

They are located right next to the washing machine you used earlier. You will understand that you are done washing when the objective changes.

Washing the plates in Need More Time.

Take Out the Trash

You thought your job was over? Well, you were wrong, my friend. It is time to take out the trash now. Go to the living room, and you are going to see the trash in the left corner of the room. Pick it up and use the front door to leave the house. Turn right to see the trash can.

Taking out the trash in Need More Time.

Watch the TV

Everything that you need to do around the house is finally over now. However, your father will ask you to do one last thing. Apparently, you need to get your daily dose of advertisements before you can finally write your exam.

Go to the living room and use the remote to switch the channels. There are a couple of channels you need to watch before the objective is completed. Keep switching until your objective changes.

Watching television in Need More Time.

Getting All Endings

There are four endings you can get in the game. These are two different good endings, one bad ending, and one dark ending. Let’s see what you need to do to get each one of them.

Good Ending..?

After you watch television for no reason, you can go to your room and write your big essay. Your room is located near the living room. Go there and write your essay by using the big red book next to your computer.

Judging by the words you write; you are not as smart as the kid in Need More Smart. However, you are at least trying to get an A. Just like this, you will get the good ending..? in the game. Is there a good ending without a question mark? Keep reading to find out.

Writing essay in Need More Time.

Bad Ending

Did something catch your eye while you were watching the television earlier? Yes, one particular advertisement was telling you about how you can go and break your book instead of writing your essay.

Go to your room and press E to break the essay book. After you do that, you are going to wait for a couple of minutes to relax.

Breaking the book in Need More Time.

Then, you are going to hear a knock on the door. Go to your room and use the computer to see who it is.

Checking the camera in Need More Time.

Apparently, your teacher somehow sensed that you did not write your essay. Go to the door to talk with him. He will get really angry at you for not writing your essay on time, and he will sentence you to life-long detention!

This way, you are going to get a bad ending and spend the rest of your life in detention… The moral of the story is, guys, do not listen to what advertisements say to you…

Bad ending in Need More Time.

Good Ending

Another advertisement that may have caught your attention while watching the television might be the one about the cave. We know you want to check it out, so let’s go and do that.

Leave the house and turn right to see the cave in the distance. Walk towards it and simply go inside of it. You are going to find yourself in a forest.

Going to the cave in Need More Time.

Walk straight ahead for a short while, and you will see your brother’s grave right in front of you. Then, your father will come, tell you that your brother loved you, and give you a hug. Just like this, you are going to get a good ending in the game. You finally got to meet your brother, and it is more important than writing an essay!

Good ending in Need More Time.

Dark Ending

The last ending you can get in the game is the dark ending. In order to get it, go and take a look at your brother’s picture that is hanging on the wall in front of your room. You can do this while doing the first objective.

You are going to notice that your brother is doing an essay in that picture, and you are going to get very angry about it! Your father lets him do his essay, but you were trying to finish the chores all day long? Unacceptable!!!

Looking at the picture of the brother in Need More Time.

Since you are extremely angry, you decide to destroy your brother’s grave. Yeah, that will teach your father a lesson.

Go inside the cave and find your brother’s grave in the forest. Then, you can press E to destroy it. This way, you are going to get a dark ending in the game.

Dark ending in Need More Time.

These are all the endings you can get in Need More Time. Also, if you’re interested in looking at more Weird Strict & Need More games in Roblox, make sure to check out our collection as well. It includes all the available endings, mechanics and other useful information.


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