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Bon Apettite!

Disney Dreamlight Valley is keep coming out with a lot of new things and events. In the latest one, we have gotten a lot of new stuff like festive items. The best festive items are definitely the cooking ones. In this guide, we shall be giving you a complete recipe of what you are able to cook and how. Let’s get started.

Disney Dreamlight Valley – New Festive Cooking Recipes

These here are all the new Festive Cooking Recipes that have been added to Disney Dreamlight Valley:

  • Gingerbread Cookies – Ginger + Wheat
  • Gingerbread House – Ginger + Eggs + Wheat +Vanilla +Sugarcane
  • Hot Cocoa – Sugarcane + Cocoa + Milk
  • Fruit Cake – Wheat + 3 Fruits
  • Yule Log – Wheat + Cocoa + Vanilla + Cherry
  • Coffe – Coffe Beans +
  • Latte – Coffe Beans + Milk
  • Mocha – Coffee beans + Milk + Cocoa
  • Boba Tea – Milk + Sugarcane
  • Mint Boba Tea – Milk + Sugarcane + Mint
  • Coconut Boba Tea – Mik + Sugarcane + Coconut
  • Gooseberry Boba Tea – Milk + Sugarcane + Gooseberry

These are all the recipes that you are able to cook with this new update that is bringing the festive season to town. We recommend that you go ahead and give all of them a try since they are so fun to create and also very tasty and delicious to try out.

We hope that this guide has given you the complete recipe that you were looking for. Give them all a try and see your character in Disney Dreamlight Valley getting very happy with them. Happy cooking!

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