NieR:Automata – Is It Worth It In 2023?

It’s well worth it!

There’s a new PC port out there and it’s NieR:Automata, a game you’ve probably seen before with the explosion of popularity of its character 2B. I know where you’ve seen her, let’s not beat around the bush. Still, it’s great to see that it’s finally on PC and many people are wondering if the game is still worth it since it was released a couple of years back.

Well in this article we’ll go through why you shouldn’t skip this amazing game made possible by the amazing game director Yoko Taro! Now let’s see what this game is all about.

Is It Worth It In 2023: NieR:Automata

NieR:Automata is a game published by Square Enix, which may not be a great sell seeing the other games they’ve released these days but don’t worry, it was developed partly by Platinum Games as well. Those developers helped develop games like Bayonetta so you can say this game will have some style.

The game looks like your standard JRPG but it’s actually more than that. The game also features 3D platforming, side-scrolling, and even shoot-em-up gameplay!

The graphics of the game isn’t the best these days but we all know that people who care about graphics too much are the same type of people that think every FIFA game is different and worth buying every year.

The game’s story is nothing to scoff at as it’s one centered around existentialism and nihilism as the characters who are androids look into the world and into themselves as the story goes.

The game has amazing art direction as well as side quests that all have great story-telling for side quests that even leaves players emotional at times.

You might think that NieR:Automata is just an excuse for Yoko Taro to make the cute android girl 2B, and that may be one of the reasons but there’s more to it than that. This game will send you on an emotional roller coaster of story-telling as well as some tight and varied gameplay along with one of the best soundtracks Square Enix has made.

The game is totally worth playing in the current year if you haven’t already. It’s a game that can be quite deep, engaging, enjoyable, and emotional in one whole package.


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