No Man’s Sky Omega: How To Access Ship Collection

Learn how to access your ship collection in No Man’s Sky Omega!

Title shot in No Man's Sky Omega.

It’s amazing how things work out sometimes, doesn’t it? At one point, No Man’s Sky was considered one of the biggest flops the year it was released — and now it’s a darling of the community. You can thank Hello Games for really giving it their all, and now the Omega Update allows players to embar on Expeditions that are entirely free.

That’s right; Hello Games is awesome enough that you get to enjoy their mammoth of a title without worrying about the price tag.

That said, one question has popped up for most new players tackling the game for the first time, and that involves accessing the ship collection. This is especially apparent for players whose ships have run out of launch thruster fuel.

How to Access Ship Collection

There are a few solutions to this problem, though it has a habit of giving new players a bit of a headache at the start of the game. The problem lies in the player’s inability to access their ship collection at the start — and even if they finally managed to do so, their starting ships containing their materials would end up missing.

SIDE NOTE: We have a complete guide which covers everything you’ll need to know about the Omega Update of NMS! Make sure to check it out for more valuable info.

No Man's Sky Omega Access ship
New to the expedition game? Good. It’s better that way!

The first solution involves tackling the tutorial. During the tutorial, about three warps in, you’ll be able to assist in a mission where you take out a few bandit ships. After the dogfight, you’ll be given a Freighter as a reward.

The Freighter Conundrum

The thing is, however, even if you did receive your freighter, you aren’t guaranteed to have your previous ships there — at least not at the beginning. Instead, any ships you get after you receive a freighter will be guaranteed to pop up.

However, here comes another problem: what if you skipped the tutorial? You wouldn’t receive a freighter, and so would be stuck, unable to get to your ship collection. Right?

Fortunately, the devs were kind enough to offer some easy solutions. You can access your ship collection in:

  • Any Trading Post
  • Any Minor Settlement
  • Any Landing Pad (belonging to you or other players)
  • The Archive

With the landing pad, there’ll be a terminal available that allows you to summon any ship of yours for 1 Navigation Data — even if they don’t have fuel.

No Man's Sky Omega The Freighter Conundrum access ship
Explore to your heart’s content.

While you’re here: we have a quick guide on the best way to play No Man’s Sky’s Omega Update. Feel free to check it out!


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