No More Vegetables: Complete Guide & How To Get All Endings

Ugh… vegetable soup in the morning?

In No More Vegetables, you wake up to a beautiful morning. However, things do not look too pretty in the house. Feeling hungry, you go downstairs to ask your mom what she made for breakfast. You are not happy to see the vegetable soup you have been eating for a couple of days in a row now sitting on the kitchen countertop.

And that is the point—that you swear not to eat vegetables anymore! Let’s see if you are going to achieve that. There are a couple of endings you can get in the game, and some of them might not fulfill this desire.

Complete Guide & How To Get All Endings

The game begins with you waking up in your plain, kind of messy room. Then, you will need to go downstairs to talk with your mother.

No More Vegetables beginning.

Unfortunately, your mother made you vegetable soup for this morning. She says that she and your father are planning to go vegan. What is even worse is that they want you to join them as well.

Vegan or not, who would like to drink vegetable soup every morning? You are right to be angry! However, you cannot do anything at this point. Your mother asks you to go clean your room, so you need to go back to your room to do some tidying up.

Vegetable soup in No More Vegetables.

Once you have had your talk with your mother, simply go back to your room. You are going to see your objective in the upper-right corner of your screen. To complete this objective, you will need to collect seven items around your room. They are pretty easy to locate; all of them are on the ground.

Cleaning up the room in No More Vegetables.

After that, you can go back downstairs. Now, you are going to try to hide your vegetable soup to avoid drinking it. Take the bowl off the table and throw it inside the trash can in front of the counter. You should throw it inside the left trash can.

Throwing the vegetable soup in No More Vegetables.

Then, go ahead and open the fridge. You are going to take out all the vegetables in the fridge and throw them all in the same trash can as the soup. Once you are done, go back to your room to act like you did not do anything.

Throwing all veggies in No More Vegetables.

How To Get All Endings

There are six endings you can get in No More Vegetables. We are going to talk about how to get each one of them separately.

Shoplifter Ending

The first ending we are going to cover is the shoplifter ending. After throwing out the veggies and pretending to be asleep, your father will come and ask you to go to the nearby grocery store to buy some new vegetables.

Take the cash and the shopping list from the side table next to your bed. Then, go downstairs to leave the house. You are going to see the store right across your house.

Shopping list in No More Vegetables.

In order to get the shoplifter ending, pick up one of the items on the list and add it to your cart. After that, just try to leave the store without paying for it. The store owner will pull up a gun, and you are going to get an ending.

Shoplifter ending in No More Vegetables.

Oof Ending

For this ending, take the cash and the list on the table once more after your father asks you to go to the store. Go downstairs and leave the house, but do not get into the store. You are going to see a homeless man in front of the store. Talk to him; he will ask you to give him 20 dollars.

After you give the homeless man money, he is going to give you a key. This key is, surprisingly, the key to your parents’ room. Go back to the house and unlock their room; your parents’ room is located on the right side of your own room.

Letter in No More Vegetables.

Inside, you are going to find a letter. This letter says that Vegecorp is after your family and tries to brainwash all of you. After reading it, go back to the homeless man and talk to him about it.

The homeless man will tell you the location of the Vegecorp, which is pretty close. Go in the direction of the tunnel on your left, turn right, and slide under the gap there to get inside the building.

Vegecorp shed in No More Vegetables.

After passing a couple of boxes, you are going to find Vegecorp. Place the TNT that the homeless man gave you. As soon as you interact with it, a countdown will start.

In order to get the Oof ending, do not leave the building and wait until it blows up.

Vegecorpin No More Vegetables.

Bad Ending

To get the bad ending in the game, you should accept your fate. After cleaning up your room, go downstairs and walk towards the table. Then, eat your vegetable soup. Your whole body will turn green, and you are going to get a bad ending.

Good Ending

Now, there is still a way for you to end this game with a good ending. In order to achieve this, take a look at the house and try to find as much cash as you can when your father asks you to go to the store.

Take a look at each drawer to find more cash. You should have around $50 in cash in total. Once you have this amount, head to the store and purchase everything on the list.

Then, take the paper bag and leave the store. Of course, it would not be a good ending if you were going to simply go back to your house.

Turn left, and you are going to see a trash bin right there. Throw the veggies you just bought into the trash can.

Burning the trash in No More Vegetables.

Now you’ve got rid of the new vegetables too. However, it is still not enough; you should get rid of the whole possibility of the vegetables! Go back to the store and take a look at the shelf at the back; you are going to see a flamethrower there.

Flamethrower in No More Vegetables.

Purchase the flamethrower and leave the store. Now, go back to your house and go to the backyard. Start burning every vegetable on your parents’ little farm.

Burning the farm in No More Vegetables.

Then, keep using your flamethrower on every tree around. You should burn every single one of them for it to work. Once you do that, the ground will turn brown. Just like that, you will never have to worry about veggies anymore, and you will get a good ending.

Burning the trees in No More Vegetables.

Grosseries Ending

This ending is pretty self-explanatory. In order to get this one, take the shopping list and cash and go to the store. Simply purchase everything on the list and bring it to your house.

Once you are there, your mother will greet you and say that thanks to you, they have lots of vegetables to make vegetable soup now. You are going to regret your actions and get the grosseries ending.

Groceries in No More Vegetables.

Grounded Ending

We know you were curious about the text on top of the two bins. In this ending, you are going to see the difference between two trash cans.

In order to get this ending, when you need to hide or throw your vegetable soup and all the veggies in the fridge, do not throw them into the right trash bin. Instead, throw them inside the one on the left.

Wrong bin in No More Vegetables.

Then, just go back to your room to pretend to be asleep. This time, your mother will come, and she will scold you for throwing the vegetables. After that, you are going to get a grounded ending.

Grounded ending in No More Vegetables.

This is how you are going to get all the endings in No More Vegetables. Also, if you’re interested in looking at more Weird Strict & Need More games in Roblox, make sure to check out our collection as well. It includes all the available endings, mechanics and other useful information.


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