Omini X: All New Ultimates & Showcase (Jetray, Big Chill, Chromastone)

A showcase for all the new cool ultimates!

Omini X: All New Ultimates & Showcase (Jetray, Big Chill, Chromastone)

Omini X had another update recently which added a slew of new ultimates to the aliens. Inspired from the popular cartoon Ben 10, Omini X allows you to transform into different aliens, but that’s not all. You can also use their skills and fight like them! We’re showing which aliens are getting the new ultimate and what they look like. Let’s go!

All New Ultimates & Showcase

The aliens that got new ultimates are Jetray, Big Chill, and Chromastone. By pressing U, you can activate the ultimate of the aliens. Needless to say, the ultimate forms of these aliens give them all the new fancy gimmicks. And you are absolutely right to feel excited about them!

You’ll also need to acquire the Ultimatrix. For that, make sure to check out our dedicated guide for the topic!

Ultimate Jetray

The basic Jetray form is the red one as you can see below. Now, you can use ultimate on Jetray, which changes his form.

Jetray in Omini X.

Below is the new ultimate white Jetray form. You have rockets which now allow you to fly around in lightspeed. You can shoot blue beams.

Jetray ultimate form.

Ultimate Big Chill

The Big Chill originally has blue shade with red eyes.

Big Chill.

With ultimate, Big Chill gain two pairs of wings on its back allowing him to fly. That’s not all, the Big Chill also has Intangibility skill that makes him invincible. He can also do an explosion skill.

You can also use different skills depending whether you’re cloaked or uncloacked.

Ultimate Chromastone

Finally, the Chromastone. The Chromastone becomes taller, and you can use several shards-related skills. They’re all very powerful and deadly.

In order to unlock all these cool forms, you need you to max out your level as aliens and their ultimates are locked behind it. So, here’s a guide for you beginners, And that’s all of the new ultimates that were most recently added to Omini X! If you have been trying to change your color with the Omini Color Gamepass, here’s how!


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